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Best Ride – Replacing the Front Shock Absorbers on the 1975 MG B GT V8

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have replaced the front shock absorbers on the 1975 MG B GT V8 in with us.

Upon inspection, our technicians noted there were a few leaks coming from the components so replacements were ordered. Once they arrived in stock, Jon began to remove the old components from the front suspension to cross-check them against the new pieces.

With everything checked, the new shock absorbers could be put into place and tightened down. Before the car was road tested and given the all-clear by the workshop.

Drive It Day 2022 – Kersey Mill

All of the team at Bridge Classic Cars love our vintage and classic cars and motorbikes. That’s what sits at the core of what we do here. So, we always try to observe Drive It Day. And international day to celebrate the joy of getting out and driving our beloved classics.

For many years, we have gone to the Kersey Mill meet. And this year, our director Gordon took his newly finished 1934 MG Midget PA to the 2022 Drive It Day meet. Surrounded by countless classics from across our area, some of whom we know well and others we’re excited to get to know.

It is an event on the calendar that we always look forward to. So, take a look below for our full gallery from the 2022 Drive It Day at Kersey Mill.

Ready for Business – Completing Work on the 1934 MG PA

All of the works on the 1934 MG PA have been completed by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration teams just in time for the beautiful pre-war sports car to be used over the summer.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on this classic MG from front to back. The first updates are the new spotlights that adorn the beautiful chrome lightbar between the front wings which now have its all-important touring badges. These were wired into the car to make the car more useable and keep to the era, our director Gordon sourced these period-correct pieces specifically for the car.

The next changes to the classic MG PA happen in the cockpit. The team have worked on fitting the new dials and gauges into the car. The new temperature dial is connected to the new temperature sender to make sure the overall health of the car is easily visible. Along with that, the Breitling stopwatch has been fitted to the dash. This is an important part of the cabin as this style of stopwatch would have been used in classic rallying. To improve the useability and safety of the car, the team have fitted the PA with modern lap belts. A key safety component for any vintage car is to make sure the seat belts are made of the latest tear-resistant fabrics to make sure that even with the fun of driving, it’s still safe.

With all of these bits now finished on Gordon’s 1934 MG PA, it’s ready to be used over the summer. Keep an eye out for updates on this wonderful car’s travels.

Back Together – Fitting the New Cooling System to the 1952 MG TD

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on fitting the new cooling system into the 1952 MG TD.

Jon, one of our technicians, has fitted up the new thermostat housing for the car to make sure the wonderful 4-cylinder engine that sits at the heart of the TD is cool. Along with the new thermostat, he made up new coolant hoses which have been routed and sized perfectly for the engine bay of the TD.

Adjustments – Adjusting the Carburettors on the 1968 MGC Roadster

The 1968 MGC Roadster is being worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team to get the classic sports car running just right.

After road tests, the car was running slightly off so Jon set about adjusting the carburettors to get the 6-cylinder running perfect. Upon inspection, he found that 2 out of the 3 carburettors were flooding and allowing too much fuel into the chamber. After adjusting the rest floats, Jon could then work on adjusting and synchronising all 3 carburettors together and ran the car to check the issue had been rectified.

Updates – Fitting New Warning Lights, Fuel Pump and Washer Pump to the 1968 MGC Roadster

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting through the list of jobs on the 1968 MGC Roadster.

The latest work to be completed on the car is the new addition of hazard lights fitted into the lower centre console of the classic convertible before specifically made blanks were installed in order to cover up any previous holes.

Along with that, Jon has run the wiring to change the switch for the washer pump from the original stork style to the newest switch style and fitted a new washer pump along with it.

At the back of the car, the team have installed a new fuel pump onto the car to sort out some fueling and idling issues with the car. Also, this has been installed as a matter of course to help with the longevity and ease of use of the car.

Overhauled – Overhauling the Brakes on the 1952 MG YB

The 1952 MG YB in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop has come into our restoration team for a brake service.

Rob carefully took apart the brakes on the classic MG saloon to inspect all the shoes, seals, cylinders and hardware. Upon inspection of the front brakes, he discovered the wheel cylinders to be leaking and had soaked into the shoe material. So a new set of shoes and cylinders were installed into the front and adjusted out.

At the rear, the cylinders, shoes and hardware were all in good order and just required a rebuild and adjustment. After this, the brake system was bled ahead of it beginning road tests and adjustments if needed.

Soundtrack – Fitting the Stereo and Speakers to the 1968 MGC Roadster

The 1968 MGC Roadster in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop has had its new stereo and speakers installed into the interior of the classic convertible.

Jon has been working on carefully running the wiring throughout the car from the rear pillars under the carpets and inside of the centre console to the new head unit for the stereo. With all of the wiring run, Jon could work on getting the head unit into place and wired up to the speakers to begin testing it.

Before and After – New vs Old Carpets in the 1952 MG TD

With the brand new carpet set fitted into the 1952 MG TD, we thought we would show you a comparison of the original carpets and the hand-made set made by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

Each of these pieces was individually cut and finished by our team and fit into the car to get the best fit and finish possible, as we have with all of our interior work.

Recent Visit – Winner of the 1952 MG TD Visits the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop

The recent winner of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions 1952 MG TD stopped by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop to check out his new car.

Alan and his partner Danusia made the trip from just North of London to our Suffolk HQ to have a look a the classic MG which Alan had won on the previous live draw but also to try out the fitment of the car. The TD’s aren’t the most spacious of cars and with Alan being well over 6ft tall he wanted to double-check he could actually fit in his new classic.

After meeting Gordon, our director, who showed him around the car Alan tried out his 1952 MG TD for the first time. And unfortunately, he didn’t fit in the car. So, we are advising him on what to do with his new car and benefits both himself and the beautiful car.

Finished Up – Refoaming and Recovering the Rear Seat of the 1978 MGB GT

The rear seat of the 1978 MGB GT in for restoration at Bridge Classic Cars has been refoamed and recovered by our in-house trim shop to match the rest of the car.

Whilst the body is in with our body shop, the interior is being revamped by the team in the trim shop. Lydia has completely remade the foam for the rear seat of the classic MGB. This was all for recovering the rear seat in black leather to match the front seats of the car.

Each piece has been finished by hand to make sure the best fit and finish for the piece is achieved.

Now with this piece finished, it will be wrapped and put into storage for when the car is ready for reassembly.

Update – Progress on the 1968 MGC Roadster

The 1968 MGC Roadster in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Pettistree HQ has had a series of key jobs finished on the classic roadster.

Jon has been working on getting the MGC Roadster sorted for its new life. Ranging from the engine bay, under the dash and the wheels.

The first job was to fit up the new hoses which lead to the breather tank in the engine bay of the car. This is vital that any excess oil or any fumes are routed into a separate tank. There are several vent tubes associated with the 6-cylinder engine that are required to be routed to the catch can.

Next, he began to look into getting the heater cable fixed in place and linked up to the controller/dial on the dashboard of the MGC. With everything linked up, Jon could test the heating system in the cabin of the classic MGC.

A crucial job that needed to be done on the car was replacing one of the wheel bearings. Jon noticed that the wheel was making some small noises and allowed for some small movement back and forth when rocked.

With all of this done, the car can be completely road tested and signed off.

Neat and Tidy – Tidying Up The Engine Bay Wiring of the 1968 MGC Roadster

The restoration technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop have the fantastic 1968 MGC Roadster currently on the ramp to complete several jobs on the car. This time, it’s tidying up the wiring in the engine bay.

Jon has been methodically going through the wiring under the bonnet of the classic convertible sports car to make sure everything not only works correctly but is safely routed around the engine bay. System by system, he has grouped together separate parts of the harness and shielded them where necessary.