classic jaguar MkVII

Out with the Old – New Exhaust and Mirrors on the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been getting the old parts off and out of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII ahead of the new replacement pieces going in.

To start with, Jon removed the old exhaust from the car to clean up the manifolds. Once cleaned, he could them back into the car and begin putting together the exhaust with the new backbox. This included brand new hardware for the mounts to keep the soundtrack as elegant as this classic Jaguar looks.

Finally, with the exhaust all complete, Jon could fit the new replacement mirrors onto the MkVII and give them a quick polish to finish the car off.

Up and Down – Sorting Out the Window of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have sorted an issue with the window on the 1954 Jaguar MkVII which is in at our Suffolk HQ.

The classic Jaguar has developed an issue when winding the driver’s window down. The window glass would come off the runner attached to the regulator and then eventually drop to go back into the runner.

Our workshop carefully stripped back the door card and made the necessary adjustments to fix the issue before being put back together for the team to carry on with the other work on the car.

Close Contact – Inspecting the Hoses and Exhaust of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been looking into a couple of issues with the 1954 Jaguar MkVII which is in at our Suffolk HQ.

Firstly, the team have discovered the radiator hose was making very light contact with the lower crank pulley. It has left a few very small witness marks on the hose itself.

After that, the team look into an issue with the exhaust. Upon inspection, they found the exhaust bracket and the inner parts of the silencer had broken apart. These pieces have been put on order for the car.

Finally, the team have adjusted the air vent linkage which didn’t allow the vent in the scuttle panel to seal correctly which now works as it should.

Way out Back – Replacing the Rear Pinion Seal on the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

Dave, one of our most experienced technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on replacing the rear pinion seal of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII.

We noted the seal was leaking during an inspection and with the newly refurbished gearbox soon to be back in the car, Dave took this opportunity to get the rear pinion seal into the rear end before the gearbox is fitted and the driver shaft installed.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage for more updates soon on the 1954 Jaguar MkVII.