classic ford model T

Out & About – Nearby Classic Collection

Recently, Bridge Classic Cars were asked to come and view a nearby classic collection including several different Ford Model T’s along with a Chevrolet and a Maxwell.

These were part of a collection by a local gentleman who sadly could not care for the cars and the hundreds if not thousands of pieces of memorabilia and spare parts.

After viewing the collection, we gave the family some advice on what to do with the parts and we hope they all go to good homes.

Interesting to know what’s just around your corner…

Ford Model T’s New Floor

We’ve recently recovered the floor of the 1915 Ford Model T in rubber rather than bare wood. Brian has done a fantastic job to make it look smart.

A Letter From An Old Friend

We’ve been contacted by a gentleman who has told us he had worked on our Ford Model T as a young mechanic back when Potters of Framlingham was still in service. His email, which is shown below, describes the involvement of different Suffolk trades that went into the maintenance of our Ford.

Good day to you,

I have a particular interest in the restoration of the Model “T” Ford. When I was a young mechanic working for A G Potter I was involved in the removal of it from a shed in Marlesford and its subsequent partial restoration under instruction from the old hands (long gone), who used to work on “Ts”. It did have only 2 wheels but Ron Allen, a director of Potters, negotiated a deal with the local hand coach painters ( Rowe and Snell of Swefling) who had a hand cart with two model T wheels and did a swap for more modern ones. They, in fact, are responsible for the hand-painted coach finish.
I understood then that the magnets in the flywheel generator needed re-magnetising hence the six-volt battery in the back. I was supposed to rectify this, and it would have been a major job.
I used to enjoy my time with this beautiful old motor and look forward to following its journey through your workshops.

Peter Robinson
Once a long time ago workshop foreman for AGP Framlingham