classic ferrari restoration

Back to its core – stripping our 1973 Ferrari 246 GTS

The 1973 Ferrari 246GTS ‘Dino’ has been in the Bridge Classic Cars workshops for a few weeks now with the restoration team getting started on revitalizing this iconic sports car. Most recently, the car has been in with our body team aswell as our workshop teams to begin the process of repairing corroded and damaged sections of the car.

To begin with, the workshop team have been carefully removing all of the trims and accessories from the exterior of the car – making sure to catalogue and document each piece that is removed for the moment when it is ready to come back together in our brand new finishing workshop.

After that, the car could be transferred into our body shop for Chris and his team to begin the process of taking the cars paintwork back to reveal areas of corrosion and damage highlighted during the cars assessment. Most notably, the sills which have actually corroded all the way through in places along with other areas which will require the careful and delicate attention of our fabricator, also called Chris.