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Custom Trim

Whether it’s a specific design or a certain fit, we can make it. All of the work done in the trim shop is made by

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Another piece of the puzzle

Brian has been re-covering another piece from the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. This time, the glovebox.

He started the process by removing the original covers from the metal box that makes the glovebox. He then used these original pieces as patterns on the new fabric, headlining fabric for most with one piece of leather. The headlining fabric pieces were glued onto the inside of the glovebox first, with the back piece having board underneath the material to give it structure and stability. Once this was all glued into place, Brian put the leather piece onto board as well, before glueing it onto the metal. All the material was wrapped around the edges to give a neat finish. Another piece of the Bentley interior finished!

Mini’s New Boot Trim

Lydia has been working on making a new boot liner for our 1989 Austin Mini. She started by making the paper pattern and then taped it onto cardboard. She then double-checked that the pattern would fit, by fitting it into the boot. She then cut out the plywood to get the shape for the middle and used the template to cut the fabric out. Lydia also cut out black strips of vinyl for the binding. She then laid the carpet out over the top of the wood and fitted it.

Austin Mini Gets New Interior

Our new Mini is having some new interior made up before in comes into us. Kath is working on taking apart the rear seats and recovering them. She begun by removing the old covers, making new vinyl which she mounted on 12mm scrim foam. Kath then made up some piping, sealed the edges and trimmed off excess foam. Next up, Kath cut out the calico to sew into the base for attached the foam to. Once she’d sewn up the flutes and sewn in the calico, she could attach the piping along each side.

The Alvis’ Headlining Event

Lydia has been working to refresh the headliner in our 1940 Alvis. She’s marked out parts on the original fabric to help her know where everything goes when she starts remaking it. She then cut out new strips of fabric to recover the paper cord piping and flaps. Lydia then moved onto topstitching the new side panels.

The next step was to cut around the original cloth to make new patterns, followed by measuring, marking and cutting out the new strips of calico for underneath the centre panel. These sections hold the ceiling cloth in place. She then sewed on the piping and attached the side panels and middle panel together.

Ferrari Daytona Seats Finished

We thought we’d take a closer look at the finished Ferrari Daytona seats that the trim shop have made. Having had to make these all from scratch with appropriate modifications and alterations along the way, these seats are looking amazing. Finished in a green leather, they will match the colour tone of the Daytona paint work perfectly. We can’t wait to see them fitted in the Ferrari when its ready!

Lydia has also been working on covering various interior panels for the Ferarri as well. The first image shows the pair of console side panels in their original state before Lydia took off all the old leather, foam and plastic vents. She then cut new leather and foams out after cleaning the metal up, applied a layer of 3mm foam to the fronts of the panels and applied a layer of 3mm foam to the fronts of the panels. Lydia made sure that the leather was tucked in and glued underneath, then she added a layer of 3mm foam which was applied to the backs of the panels. All these fabrics were trimmed and tucked around the holes for the plastic vents to fit into.

Lydia then moved onto making the headlining for the Ferrari Daytona. She marked out the headlining fabric and foam for it, she then made slits for the flute lines on the foam so that the headlining fabric to lay better. She then fluted 14 flute lines, checking how it looked as she went. The finished result may look like a flate piece of fluted fabric, but it will become the headlining when fitted into place in the Daytona.

MGB Blaze Orange’s New Trimming

Our trim experts have been focusing on making sure our new competition car, the 1972 MGB Blaze Orange Roadster, is all up to scratch. The latest fine detail that’s been tweaked is the trimmings in the boot.

Firstly Kath made a tool bag by marking out the pieces on the leather, sewing Velcro on, sewing the two pieces together, and finally, turning them over.

The next task was to make the boot carpet. This was done by cutting out the pattern from the material, binding the edges, and fitting it.

After all this is done, it leaves the MGB with a neat interior, reader for anything the world has to throw at it, or in it.

Custom Trim

Whether it’s a specific design or a certain fit, we can make it. All of the work done in the trim shop is made by hand and designed perfectly for your motor.

One of our clients is making the hard choice between these 4 designs for the interior of their 1982 Porsche 911.

In The Trim Shop: Jensen 541R Interior

Brian, one of our Classic Car Technicians who specialises in Interior Trim has been making superb progress on the interior of our 541R.

Brian has fabricated new footpanels with back supports screwed in. He’s also stripped down the old scuttle panels.

He’s cut new scuttle panels and drilled correctly placed holes.

Brian has dismantled the original under-dash panels and is making new under-dash panels from millboard. He’s stripped down the original door panel infills and trimmed in black leather. The attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully done, Brian.

1968 Triumph TR5 Interior Restoration

Our Triumph TR5 is currently having it’s interior trimmed at our in-house trim shop.

Kath has made webbing straps to attach to the seat frames. She then begun stuffing the side bolsters and seat backing with foam, moulding the foam position to fully fill the available space.

The final stage will now be to stitch back up the leather outside of the seat and install components back together. As always, Kath’s attention to detail is second to none. Stay tuned to see our TR5 Restoration progress!

1964 Daimer Dart Roof lining

The Daimler Dart features both a soft, convertible roof as well as a hardtop.

This wonderfully restored Dart is in such wonderful overall condition. It’s only current flaw is the loose hard top roof lining. Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house trimmer, Kath has been given the go-ahead by the vehicles new owner to re-trim the roof lining. Once the roof lining is perfected, the wonderful Daimler will be ready to be sent over to its new home in New Zealand.