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Spitfire hood repair

We’ve been repairing the hood frame on our 1977 Triumph Spitfire. This involves straightening out the linkages and then drilling out old pop rivets. Once

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The Mystery Stopper

Some drama in the engine workshop! All was seemingly well with the engine re-build however, unbeknown to us, the dipstick tube had previously broken off

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The Jensen fan

New fan brackets have been added to the 1957 Grey Jenson 541R Our engineer Paul has hand crafted a pair of brackets to bolt onto

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Back in the Booth – Painting the Quarter Panels and Roof on a 1998 Honda Integra Type R

Bridge Classic Cars have been working on a bit of a modern classic recently. This 1998 Honda Integra Type R has previously had a list of metal work done to it by our in-house body shop along with a full engine bay clean up and resprayed in its factory Championship White.

Now though, it is time for the back and the top of the car to receive the same treatment. The rear quarter panels needed some attention from the Bodyshop so to make sure it all looked as good if not better than the day it arrived on the showroom floor 23 years ago.

Our in-house paint expert Chris carefully prepared each panel to make sure the best results were achieved for our customer. The results are absolutely sensational.

On the Ground – Checking Fitment and Set Up on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Roadster Series 3

Scott has been hard at work on the one-off 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Roadster that is being built here at Bridge Classic Cars.

This marks a milestone in the cars journey. Since this is a bespoke E Type project for a very special client, it has had a very bespoke suspension set up. But, to make sure everything fits and works as it should, the car needed to be down on the floor. This meant fitting up its wheels and starting the suspension set up.

Once this unique E type was down on the ground Scott could begin work on adjustment to the set-up. This is not the final set-up as we still need to have everything in the car before its complete suspension can truly begin. But, Scott wanted to check there would be no interference from any components as they cycled and as they rotated.

Success. Everything fitted just as Scott had hoped and as intended like any of the Bridge Classic Car Projects.

Next up for Fern Grey, is getting started on the wiring…

Step by Step – Servicing a 1930 Packard 740 Waterfield Convertible

It’s not every day that you get asked to service such a rare and unique piece of American pre-war history.

But when the customer arms us with the complete checklist to carry it out, there’s no question on what needs doing. One of our most senior techniains (and workshop controller) John, took charge of working on the vast Packard. Beginning with a full inspection of components and systems while then working his way through each of the service items listed in the book.

When it comes to servicing and maintaining classic and vintage vehicles, Bridge Classic Car has a vast amount of history and knowledge in these matters. From the smallest jobs to the largest restorations, Bridge Classic Cars in Suffolk, UK can always lend a hand.

This Just In – 1970 Land Rover Series III

This lovely, honest 1970 Land Rover Series III has just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Suffolk, UK to begin its restoration journey.

This particular Series III Land Rover will be given a full restoration for its devoted owner by our in-house restoration technicians. This wonderful little off-roader has been used and enjoyed for many years. But, now it’s time to get her back to her former glory if not better.

Keep a lookout on our News Page for more updates on this incredible 1970 Land Rover0 Series III.

Ebb & Flow – Behind the Scenes with our 1965 Amphicar Shoot for Car & Classic Auctions

The hen’s tooth that is our 1965 Amphicar.

A lot of love and time has gone into making sure this half car/half boat is ship-shape and bristol fashion for its next lucky owner. On a glorious summers morning, our in-house marketing team headed to our favourite location at RAF Bentwaters to shoot this rare classic for Car & Classic Auctions.

After carefully laying the roof back into its hideaway, we set out across the historic airbase to shoot against the high sun. Carefully moving this unique and rare piece of automotive history into position, across the centreline of the runway, we could then begin.

Making sure every surface had been cleaned down to the best that we could, Freddie began to methodically move his way around the car frame by frame and angle by angle. This 1965 Amphicar has been at Bridge Classic Cars for a while now whilst we perfected its running and got it back into a condition for it to be sold by Car & Classic Auctions very soon hopefully to a very lucky and excited enthusiastic owner.

The sunlight radiated from this little white seafarer. The interior glowed against the harsh summer light as it beat down onto the tarmac. For the photos, it allowed Freddie just the right amount of diffused light to be able to accurately capture this rare treat for its auction.

If you would like the chance to own this amazing piece of history, then head over to Car & Classic Auctions to keep an eye out for this once in a lifetime chance to own the 1965 Amphicar.

On the Straight and Narrow – Looking into the Steering on our 1967 Ford Mustang

This 1967 Ford Mustang isn’t like many others. This is a right-hand drive 1967 Ford Mustang.

That does make refurbishing the suspension and steering systems a little bit trickier. But, it’s nothing our in-house restoration technicians can’t handle. The conversion was done on the car prior to its history with ourselves, apparently done during the vehicles life done in the Phillipines.

Our Technician, Paul, has been slowly taking apart the steering rack in preparation to be rebuilt along with its suspension set up.

We are currently sourcing replacement pieces for the vehicle thanks to the detailed nature of the assessment on each component of this unique Mustang.

This Just In – 1962 Morris Minor Convertible

There’s something really quite charming about a Morris Minor. There’s something even more loveable about a convertible Morris Minor.

This beautiful 1962 Morris Minor Convertible is coming into us to have its convertible hood frame repaired.

Due to an unexpected gust of wind whilst the customer was out driving this stunning little classic, the hood frame was damaged. Our in-house team of restoration technicians assessed what would be needed to make sure this classic was safe. But also as original as possible.

It will be coming into us at Bridge Classic Cars very soon to begin work. So keep an eye on our news page for more updates on this Morris Minor Convertible and all of our other projects.

Starting Off – Starting a 1990 Range Rover CSK

The 1990 Range Rover CSK is important in the history of the luxury 4×4. Built to honour the memory of its creator, only a limited number were built and even fewer still remain.

This particular example has been stored with us at Bridge Classic Cars in preparation for its move over to our workshop but when that day arrived, unfortunately, it would not start under its own power. This was no problem. Some manpower and our vehicle transportation team in the closed vehicle transporter, the CSK was on its way to our workshop.

Once safely at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our technician Mauro clambered under the 1990s icon to check over each component of the starting system methodically and carefully. First starting with the battery, which was indeed flat. Putting it on our Sealey battery charger was simple to get some power back into the black beauty. However, this didn’t change the issue.

Checking that the engine was free became Mauro’s next job. Carefully and precisely barring the 3.9 litre V8 over several times to check that it span freely, which happily it did. With the key in the ignition in the second position, Mauro gently clicked it over to the third point on its cycle. Again nothing.

With this information and his experience, Mauro recommended changing the starter motor on number 47 of the 200 Range Rover CSK’s built.

With this crucial part on order. Mauro enlisted the help of the other in-house Bridge Classic Cars technicians to get the considerable car on our 4 post ramp to begin its inspection.

Boots on the Ground – Tyre Change on the 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6

One of the key parts of any classic sportscar is handling. That playful, light-handed feeling whilst out on a spirited drive where the car becomes an extension of the driver.

Because of this, we felt it best practice to change the rubber that meets the road on our sensational 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6. The tyres that were fitted to the car were perfectly fine, however, they had been fitted several years before so it was time for some new shoes for this delightful piece of British engineering.

For all of our tyre changes, we use Tyre Assist. They come out to us and are well versed in working on classic and vintage cars across East Anglia.

Keep up to date with this project and all other Bridge Classic Cars projects on our News Page.

Triumph Stag Receives New Paint

Our new 1971 Triumph Stag needs a small neaten up around the windscreen surround, so Matt masked up the Stag ready for paint.

The paint, the same colour as the body, is sprayed on in an efficient yet methodical manner, evenly covering the surround. Working his way around the frame, Matt ensures that the paint covers the windshield frame.

Spitfire hood repair

We’ve been repairing the hood frame on our 1977 Triumph Spitfire. This involves straightening out the linkages and then drilling out old pop rivets. Once these steps have been completed, we ensure it fits back on the car without any further modifications.

The Mystery Stopper

Some drama in the engine workshop! All was seemingly well with the engine re-build however, unbeknown to us, the dipstick tube had previously broken off inside the cylinder block. If Ady’s keen eyes hadn’t noticed, this would have led to a total engine strip and rebuild in the workshop later down the line!

Luckily he noticed and managed to remove it before it did too much damage. A new one has now been fitted.

The Peony Red Jensen 541S has had its engine refurbished by our engine specialist. A new steel tube has been installed as well as a distributor, water pump and oil filter housing.

Peugeot 504’s Interior Make Over

There’s been a lot going on with our Peugeot 504, especially in the trim shop.

Our trim technician Brian has been working on applying new vinyl to the boot side panels which have been applied to the originals. The sills have been glued in place and new chrome pieces have been added to the door panels. Brian has also added deadening to the centre console around the gearbox.

Our other trim technician, Kath has also been working on the 504. Heres the before and after:

But all of that wasnt just at the click of a fingers! Here’s what happened:

  • The centre console was created
  • The mats were sized up to check they fit
  • The section under the front and rear seat was carpeted
  • Gear stick gaiter made and fitted
  • Hand break gaiter made and fitted
  • Sills made, fitted and edges bound.
  • Holes made in the footwell mat for the pedals, the mat is then glued in place.
  • Glue the centre console carpet and then the centre console is fitted.
  • Carpets and panels were fitted
  • The squab was then added back in and screwed into place
  • The hood was repaired, patching the holes and refurbishing the studs.
  • A tool bag was made and added to the boot.

The 504 has also received new refurbished window winder mechanisms.

Peony Red’s new motor

The Peony Red Jensen 541S has had its engine rebuilt. Our engine specialist has been working to refurbish and rebuild the old engine.

No one ever claimed that rebuilding engines were easier, nor pretty… Ady cleared out this huge sludge ball from the Peony Red’s engine. This rather dubious-looking ball of sludge is made from hard water and dirt caught up in the engine. Its all part of the job…

The Jensen fan

New fan brackets have been added to the 1957 Grey Jenson 541R

Our engineer Paul has hand crafted a pair of brackets to bolt onto the Jensen’s fan. These have been made from a sheet of metal which Paul has measured, shaped, drilled and painted, ready to be bolted onto the final product.

Craftmanship like this means that all our projects are bespoke and personal and fit the car which enables a perfect match.



The brackets and fan were then later fixed together. This will now be inserted into the engine.

Not long after, the fan had been fitted into the Jensen’s engine and was ready to purr.

The Peugeot Has A New Heart

The 1972 Peugeot 504 has hit a ground-breaking moment in its restoration: it now has an engine!

Our engine specialist has replaced all serviceable parts such as spark plugs and belts, replaced any worn hoses and plummed the engine back into its rightful place.

The beating heart of this car is back in place after a successful engine surgery.

1973 Triumph Stag: Accident Damage

Pete has been busy this afternoon assessing the damage to our 1973 Triumph Stag after an unfortunate encounter with a deer.

The deer has torn through the underneath; dislodging and damaging the radiator, oil cooler and fan. The front valance was also damaged in the collision.

We will now report our findings back to the insurance company and await further instruction.

1982 Porsche 911 in The Paint Shop

This beautiful 1982 Porsche 911 has just left the paint shop after it’s repairs by Darren.

The front nearside wing had a nasty scratch that needed addressing. The rear spoiler had suffered the effects of having slight moisture and also needed repainting. Using our State-Of-The-Art paint matching system, Darren has been able to perfectly repaint the effected areas in the exact colour matched paint. The best compliment with repairs like this is not knowing any work was ever done. As always, a superb job from the Paint Shop.

This lovely vehicle is now in our Trim Shop for a roof-lining repair.

Austin Healey 3000 Workshop Update

How is this for a transformation!?

Darren has done a sterling job repairing the dent on our Austin Healey 3000. We’ve also given this stunning classic a full service and MOT. We’re delighted to play our part in seeing such a wonderful vehicle back on the road for plenty more smiles to come.

Aston Martin DB5: In the Workshop

Entering our classic car workshop this week is our breathtaking Aston Martin DB5. Famously, one of James Bond’s most iconic vehicles, it’s easy to see why the DB5 has become such a cult classic.

This lovely example is in with us to remedy some engine niggles. It will be seen by our classic car engine specialists to diagnose and remedy the issue.

1972 Peugeot 504 Engine Testing

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has set to work on our Peugeot 504 Engine recommission.

Before removing the engine Ady has checked each cylinders compression. We’ve found slightly low compression on one of the cylinders and will report this back to the customer.

We then removed the engine and took off some components including the inlet manifold for sandblasting and painting.

We’ve found that front engine cover was worn due to being incorrectly previously fitted. The front crankshaft pulley also is showing signs of wear. Based on our findings Ady is recommending a lip seal conversion.

Once these issues with the engine have been resolved we will be fully detailing the engine and engine bay to get this lovely rare classic show ready.

1963 Morris Minor 1000 Rust Repairs Needed

As part of our inspection and recommissioning of this Morris Minor, Pete has uncovered quite severe rusting on the passenger side. Should the customer agree, we will begin repair works on the affected area shortly.
There are quite a few other jobs to do on this lovely little Morris which will be picked up shortly.

Morris Minor 1000 – In the workshop

This lovely 1963 Morris Minor 1000 will be worked on at the beginning of 2020. This cherished vehicle is in for restoration works with us at Bridge Classic Cars.

1960 MG A Differential repair

Paul has continued work on our MG A complete restoration. There was damage to the rear differential but Paul has now welded that up in preparation for its refit into the car.

1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3

As part of our work reconditioning this Jaguar we’ve completed a couple of repairs. There was a leak in the brake like, so we replaced the copper sealing washer. A hold had also formed in the nearside rear bodywork. Dave has repaired the hole and will underseal it later today.