classic bristol cars

Repairs and Remakes – Work on the Seats for the 1954 Bristol 405

The Bristol 405 restoration is on its way with our Trim Shop carrying out several bits of work on both the front and rear seats for the classic 4 door saloon.

The Bridge Classic Cars trim team has remade the elastic webbing which sits beneath the front seats in the classic Bristol. These have been secured onto the refurbished seat bases and the hand-cut foams placed in to check for fitment and alignment.

Next, the team worked on repairing some of the wooden arches of the rear seats in the car. Our trimmer Brian carefully cut out some previous repairs from the piece to securely fix the piece ahead of moving onto to replacing some of the woodwork needed for around the cushion openings.

Small Repairs – Repairing a Hole in the Seat of the 1970 Bristol 411

While the 1970 Bristol 411 is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for the process of its left-hand-drive conversion, the trim team have removed the seats to perform a couple of repairs.

On the side panels of the seat, our team noted down a hole that had appeared at some point in the cars life. So, the trim team got to work repairing it. Brian, one of our trimmers, carefully removed part of the covering from the base in order to perform the repair.

Using a piece of calico and a tiny section of matching red leather, Brian managed to plug the hole perfectly and properly.

Working Out the Details – Beginning the LHD Conversion of the 1970 Bristol 411

The workshop technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have begun the first steps into the left-hand drive conversion on the 1970 Bristol 411.

The technicians have been inspecting the engine bay and steering system on the classic British sports car to come up with a plan and evaluate the need for any new parts to be sourced or fabricated. Along with that, the technicians have also removed the original mechanical fuel pump from the V8 as part of its conversion.

The first step in the conversion is the removal of the original power-assisted steering system to be inspected on the workbench and researched.