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Nostalgia – Our Friend Tony Meets an Old Friend!

A good friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Tony, had a run-in with a dear old friend at this year’s Helmingham Hall Classic & Sports Car Festival. His old BMW 2002 which he had in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

”Great day at Helmingham with Julie and chums from the MGCC. Whilst walking around, imagine my surprise to spot an old friend, my old BMW 2002, owned this old girl back in the late 80’s early 90’s for around 4 years, had a wonderful chat with the owner and a sit inside, great memories, even still has the 80’s radio I installed.”

Back Together – Refitting the Newly Painted Rear Bumper on the 1995 BMW 850CSi

The newly painted rear bumper is being carefully refitted back onto the gorgeous 1995 BMW 850CSi which is in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint and body shop.

The paint and body team have been working on carefully and meticulously refitting the freshly painted piece back onto the 1990s GT car and making sure it is perfectly aligned and secured to the rest of the car.

In Colour – Painting the Rear Bumper of the 1995 BMW 850CSi

The rear bumper of the 1995 BMW 850CSi has been in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop for the team to refinish it in matching Oxford Green to the rest of the stunning 1990s GT car.

Alan worked on getting the bumpers completely cleaned down and prepared to go into the booth where the team have paint matched them to the correct Oxford Green paint to match the exterior of the car.

The car looks absolutely incredible in dark green so these will just add to that after being refinished by the team.

Stripped Back – Preparing and Priming the Rear Bumper of the 1995 BMW 850CSi

The rear bumper of the 1995 BMW 850CSi has been taken off the car and is being prepared by the in-house restoration team in the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body shop.

Mauro has been carefully stripping, sanding and cleaning up the bumper of the 1990s GT car for the team in the paint shop to prime it. The clear coat on the piece was flaking and the colour had begun to change so the team are refinishing it to the same colour as the body thanks to our state of the art paint scanner.

After Mauro had finished preparing the bumper, it was taken into the paint booth where our painter Alan shot the piece in plastic primer and then high build primer to finish.