classic bentley trim

Bentley’s black trim continues

Brian has been re-covering more panels for the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. This time it’s been dash panels, the instrument cover, door cappings and various other panels. The process for all of them involved taking the original black leather off, followed by any foam that was on the panels, and then sanding off the old glue left behind on the wood and metal forms. Brian used the original leather pieces as patterns to mark out around on the new black leather. He replaced the original foam with new 3mm foam. The foam was glued on first and then the leather wrapped over it. Some of the panels, as you can see, just have leather covering them.

Bentley Continental’s New Seats

Lydia has been working on re-doing the seats on a Bentley Continental. She’s totally recovered them with new leather which she fitted after testing her template patterns. After many weeks of sewing, gluing, measuring, testing, fluting, adding calico and piping, the seats are now finished.

Bentley Continental Gets New Interior Trim

We’ve recently had some interior come in from a 1963 S3 Continental for a total re-trim. These seats and pieces of trim are looking tired and well loved, and in need of some TLC. Our trim shop will soon start recovering these seats and making them look brand new again.