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Front End – New Calipers, Polished Indicators and Sorting Out the ABS on the 1998 Honda Integra Type R

The Bridge Classic Cars are working on the front end of the 1998 Honda Integra Type R.

The team have fitted the newly repainted front brake calipers onto the knuckles of the iconic DC2 Integra. From there, the team began to bleed the brake system. But, there was a small issue.

While looking into the problem, the team also removed the indicators from the front bumper to have them polished. They have come as good as new and been reinstalled back into the bumper.

The issue with bleeding the brakes was traced back to the ABS pump. It is believed the system inhale air and caused an air pocket which wasn’t allowing the system to be completely bled.

So, Jon carefully and gently released the ABS lines from the pump in order to ”burp” the system and release the air pocket. With this now done, the team can top up the system with the specific brake fluid for the Integra and bleed the entire system completely.