Amphibious Assault Vehicle Up For Auction

Stuck between buying a boat or a car? Or maybe you fancy the idea of an all-encompassing road trip vehicle that’s up to any terrain? Well, if that’s so, this GMC DUKW is going up for auction.

The Motorious article explains it was “Originally designed by Rod Stephens Jr, a famous yacht designer from Sparkman & Stephens, along with Frank W. Speir of MIT and Dennis Puleston, a British deep-water sailor, the DUKW was created to be tough. It had to be capable of transporting over 2 tons of troops and supplies not only across the water but also over rough terrain. The tires had to negotiate soft, sandy beaches and muddy jungle floors without becoming stuck. Perhaps most critical and challenging, the DUKW had to be made in mass quickly, so the design had to be simple as well as effective.”

You can read more here.

Maybe you fancy something a little..smaller? You can always look for something like our charming Amphicar that we’re currently restoring for a customer.