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Inside the Workshop – 1958 Jensen 541R in Primer

Check out the latest video from Bridge Classic Cars! We go into the paint booth as the team get primer on the 1958 Jensen 541R.

This is the first stage of getting the fibreglass-bodied GT car in perfect condition before its Ice Blue Metallic paintwork.

Primed & Ready – Getting the 1978 MG B GT Ready for Paint

The body shop team at Bridge Classic Cars have handed over the 1978 MG B GT to our in-house paint team to get the classic sports car ready for colour!

The team have been working on refining the lines and form of the MG B GT in our body prep area before it was taken into the paint prep bay to be thoroughly cleaned down for its final stages of primer and reworking.

The team always make sure that every panel is inspected and checked over before the car enters the booth and any dust or debris is removed from the car before mask up and again afterwards. The team then could use Polyfan on the shell to recheck for any low spots once it has been sanded off the body and any adjustments made.

Then after another clean-down, it was taken into the boot/oven once more for the final primer to be laid. Whilst the primer was curing, the team could begin to seam seal the boot and engine bay of the classic M B and another layer of primer laid down in those areas.

In the Light – The Finished Paintwork on the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkI

The Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team have put countless hours of hard work, skill and craft into the bodywork and paint of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkI that when our painter Chris had finished polishing the entire car, we had to take it outside into the sun to get a proper look.

The weather had been absolutely perfect all week. A few light, playful clouds strewn across the endless blue of the Suffolk sky made the perfect lighting rig for such an amazing car. The depth of the paint, the subtlety of the colour and the bright shine of the metallic paint stopped all of the team who walked past it.

Our marketing manager, Freddie decided to grab his camera and get some photos of the stunning 1950s GT car which look incredible but it has to be seen to truly be believed.

Step by Step – Priming the Panels of the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The panels for the 1987 Daimler Double Six have been moved into the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth for primer.

The paint and body team have been working on perfecting each individual part and panel of the classic Daimler. The team have worked on, cleaned down and prepared the pieces for their first layers of epoxy primer to get them into the same stage as the bodyshell which the team are working on alongside.

The first layers of primer have been laid on the panels and will cure before several more stages of refining and working before colour.

Primed & Read – 1987 Daimler Double Six in Primer

The 1987 Daimler Double Six has been taken back to bare metal in the places where the repairs were carried out by the Bridge Classic Cars fabrication team. Now, in the hands of our body shop technicians, the car has been refined and perfected before being thoroughly cleaned before going into the paint booth.

The classic Daimler is being finished in its first round of epoxy primer ahead of the team paint matching the reworked areas to the original dark blue paintwork. The team laid down the primer layer by layer carefully allowing it to settle flat and evenly across the luxury 4 door saloon. With this stage done, it will be transferred back into the preparation area for the team to begin sanding and finishing before it goes back into the paint booth for the next stage.

Finishing Up – Paintwork Complete on the 1969 Bentley T1

The 1969 Bentley T1 which has been in with the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team has now been completed!

What started as a pretty standard respray on the classic Bentley quickly evolved into repairing and perfecting some previous repairs to the car which did not have the car’s best interests at heart. So, the team got to work.

After stripping down the classic Bentley in our preparation area, the team discovered a huge amount of body filler had been used on the rear quarter panels of the car to regain the shapes needed for the panel. Chris, one of our technicians, spent multiple hours just getting rid of the layers of filler to expose the raw metal buried underneath. Then, as they moved forward on the car, the front driver’s wing gave up its secret. An enormous dent/crack in the metal itself had been hidden under thick layers of filler. Before the car could be repainted, this had to be addressed.

The team managed to source a replacement wing for the iconic car. This needed some finessing and repairs but was a better starting point than the original. With this now on the car and lined up, it was back over to the paint and body team to finesse and perfect the panels and lines of the car before heading into our in-house paint booth for its first coats of primer.

Several rounds of primer, minimal filler and sanding work were done over several weeks to get the glorious Bentley back into shape. Then, it was time for colour.

The paint team perfectly matched the original Sage Green colour of the car in our mixing shop before laying it carefully and precisely across the body as it would have been done when the car was originally built. Taking the same care and attention to detail, if not more, than her original builders to ensure this T1 looked perfect. Colour sanding, polishing, more sanding, more polishing. All necessary to give the deep richness needed for a colour as synonymous with a classic Bentley as Sage Green.

Then, the team began the meticulous and precise task of masking up the Bentley to have its signature Coach Line applied down the lengths of the car. With that final piece done and the car put back together, it will soon be time for her to head home.

So, we’ve put together a gallery to show the evolution of the project in the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body shop: