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Finished Up – Fitting up the Cover onto the Squab Seat of the 1955 Jensen 541

The in-house trim shop at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop has been working on finishing up the rear squab seat on the 1955 Jensen 541.

Lydia and the trim team have made the new red leather covering for the squab seat from scratch specifically to fit the new foam and base intended for the interior of the classic Jensen 541.

Using what was left of the original material, Lydia created templates that she could then refine further to get the best fit and finish for the piece. After each piece had been sewn together, Lydia finished the edging for the seat in matching bright red for the final touch.

Once wrapped around the foam and base, Lydia could systematically staple the covering down to the piece carefully stretching and pulling it for the final shaping.

From the Base – Making New Seat Bases for the 1955 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop have got the 1955 Jensen 541 seats on the workbench for the cars new owner.

Brian and Lydia are working through the interior of the car bit by bit and now, is the front seats. Brian has got the new seat bases for the seats as the old ones were in very rough shape. The seat bases have been made from brand new steel for the team to work from.

Bit by bit, the trim team will be working on getting the front seats totally put together and recovered for a very special car like the 541.