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What’s the Story – The Life and Times of our 1959 MGA Twin Cam

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions thought you might like to know a bit of the back story on our 1959 MGA Twin Cam that is currently live and waiting to be won!The 1959 MGA Twin Cam ”XLE 40” was first owned by the son of world famous composer, Annunzio Paolo Mantovani. Kenneth had ordered the car in the late 1950s and in the period it had been used in several sprints and races to some success. In 1963, Mantovani put the car up for sale in order to fund his new car, an Austin Healy 3000. He later went on to say that he preferred the handling of the MGA Twin Cam to the big Austin Healey.

After Mantovani owned the car, it was then in the care of Jo Krygier of Birmingham who owned and ran the car until 1965. At this point, the owner decided the car need a refresh. This is where the story of XLE 40, our 1959 MGA Twin Cam really begins.

About 3/4 of the way through XLE 40’s refresh in the mid-1960s, it was bought by Roger Andreason. For those who are into classic and vintage motorsport, you will know that Roger Andreason was the managing director of Chevron Cars from 1983. But before then, he used to club race. With this, his 1959 MGA Twin Cam ”XLE 40”.Roger set about creating a serious club racer out of XLE 40. Gathering all manner of hard to find spares and pieces to finish off its mechanical refresh. From there, it was to the track.

A newspaper clipping included in the cars history file from 1968 says:”On lap four they [race leaders] were joined by Roger Andreason in his twin-cam M.G.A. By completely mastering the tricky double apex of Camp Corner, Andreason managed to get a classical fast exit from the bend each time round, which brought him closer to, and then by the side of his opponents.”

But it wasn’t just here in England the car was raced during its 50-year life through Roger and then his son Chris. There are stories of XLE 40 racing in Europe and in Florida. A true racer at heart, the MGA Twin Cam was the perfect car for the job.

After its life of racing and the unfortunate and sad passing of Roger, his son Chris commissioned the car to be restored back to its original condition which is how you see the car today. Only its beautifully louvred bonnet gives any hint to its competition past. The restoration of the car was handled by a team from the original TVR factory who painstakingly worked the car back to its original specs. The only things not standard is the front grille (which is the same grille it wore throughout its racing career)and the rear lights.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions want to give one lucky winner the chance to own this incredible piece of history. A beautiful and mechanically exceptional example of the MGA Twin Cam but add on to that the history and the story which is engrained into the very metal of its being.

Could you be the next chapter of this car’s amazing story? Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and enter now for your chance to become part of the history of XLE 40. The 1959 MGA Twin Cam.…/mga…/