british motor museum

The Rare Riley – British Motor Museum

Bridge Classic Car’s Directors, father and son team Gordon and Craig visited the British Motor Museum this week on one very specific mission – to learn all about their 1905 Riley 9HP.

The museum is home to what is believed to be one of only three 1905 Riley’s in existence. Gordon and Craig were invited for a private viewing to get up close and personal with this unbelievable piece of history.

“The Riley 9HP we have here at Bridge needs a full build and restoration,” Gordon describes. “It arrived to us as little more than a truck full of loose parts, so to see the car as it should look is a real treat.”

The visit certainly got Gordon and Craig excited to see what their Riley should look like. They took an array of photo’s to bring back to Bridge HQ that will give our experts some valuable insight into the cars mechanics, electrics and aesthetics. There’s a long road ahead as the technical team start to piece together this extraordinary vehicle. But for now – here’s a flavour of the museums Riley in all it’s glory.

The British Motor Museum is a glorious day out. It’s home to the largest collection of historic British cars in the world and boasts over 300 classic and vintage cars dating right back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The enormous purpose built premises is nestled within 65 acres of Warwickshire countryside. The museum was awarded a Heritage Lottery grant of 1.3 million pounds in 2006, which was used to enhance the displays and build a stunning mezzanine viewing platform.

“I especially liked seeing Fab 1,” expressed Craig. Which is Lady Penelope’s iconic pink car, redesigned by Ford in 2002 from the original 1960’s Rolls Royce featured in Thunderbirds. Bridge Classics are proud to work with Project Plastics in Colchester, who produced the windscreen on Ford’s new Fab 1.

“The James Bond Landrover was also a great sight,” described Craig. “007 cars are always a firm favourite of ours.”

Working with classic cars every day is such a privilege. These cars bring back such special personal memories and nostalgia, it’s been brilliant for Craig and his Father Gordon to see some of the best examples around. Special thanks go to curator Cat Griffin for being such a wonderful host, we shall be back for sure!