Bristol Series 3 411 Completed

We’re delighted to see that our 1973 Bristol Series 3 411 has been completed, detailed and is now ready to go back to its owners, looking good as new.

Mauro spent this morning tightening the wheel bearings as Mauro felt some play so made some adjustments.

Bristol’s Door Disassembly

We’ve been stripping the door of our 1974 Bristol so that we can access the rubber to replace it. This includes Mauro taking apart both door cards to fit fresh seals.

Bristol’s New Exhaust

Mauro has been working on our 1973 Bristol which has had its exhaust manifold refacing due to leaking. He’s also added new spark plugs.

Bristol In For Service

Our 1973 Bristol 411 Series 3 is in for a service and a dent repair. Mauro has been working on fixing the door which is hard to open. This has meant Mauro has had to adjust the rod and linkage. He is also replacing the window seal. We’ve sent the exhaust manifold off to be refaced to solve the leak.

Next up the Bristol will head to our body shop to have a small dent repaired.

Bristol Arrival

This 1973 Bristol has arrived with us for a service and a tidy up.