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Test Fit – Trial Fitment of the New Steering Rack on the 1970 Bristol 411

The all-new steering rack for the 1970 Bristol 411 has been test fit into the car by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop.

As part of the cars left-hand drive conversion, the technicians have specced a brand new power-steering rack. Previously, the workshop has been busy making new plates and brackets for this moment.

With the new rack in place, the technicians can take measurements and double check tolerances for any interference which may happen.

Small Repairs – Repairing a Hole in the Seat of the 1970 Bristol 411

While the 1970 Bristol 411 is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for the process of its left-hand-drive conversion, the trim team have removed the seats to perform a couple of repairs.

On the side panels of the seat, our team noted down a hole that had appeared at some point in the cars life. So, the trim team got to work repairing it. Brian, one of our trimmers, carefully removed part of the covering from the base in order to perform the repair.

Using a piece of calico and a tiny section of matching red leather, Brian managed to plug the hole perfectly and properly.

New Arrival – 1971 Bristol 411

The Hangar welcomed its latest resident. This unique 1970 Bristol 411.

This car is being stored with us at our safe, secure and private storage facility, The Hangar, while it awaits its time at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree. This car has been acquired by ourselves for a customer who lives in Europe. This car will be taken to the workshops and some very special jobs to be carried out on this rare piece of British motoring.

The car itself is in stunning condition. The dark green paintwork is bright and even across its long elegant body. The interior is finished in vibrant red leather which has some marks that only add to its character and story. Overall, this is a stunning piece of automotive history which we are honoured to store and work on at Bridge Classic Cars.

Expect to see more very soon about the 1970 Bristol 411 on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon once this exciting project begins.

Bristol Series 3 411 Completed

We’re delighted to see that our 1973 Bristol Series 3 411 has been completed, detailed and is now ready to go back to its owners, looking good as new.

Mauro spent this morning tightening the wheel bearings as Mauro felt some play so made some adjustments.

Bristol’s Door Disassembly

We’ve been stripping the door of our 1974 Bristol so that we can access the rubber to replace it. This includes Mauro taking apart both door cards to fit fresh seals.

Bristol’s New Exhaust

Mauro has been working on our 1973 Bristol which has had its exhaust manifold refacing due to leaking. He’s also added new spark plugs.

Bristol Dent Correction

Our 1973 Bristol has gone into the paint shop to have a small dent repaired. Now finished, you’d never know it had been there.

Bristol In For Service

Our 1973 Bristol 411 Series 3 is in for a service and a dent repair. Mauro has been working on fixing the door which is hard to open. This has meant Mauro has had to adjust the rod and linkage. He is also replacing the window seal. We’ve sent the exhaust manifold off to be refaced to solve the leak.

Next up the Bristol will head to our body shop to have a small dent repaired.

Bristol Arrival

This 1973 Bristol has arrived with us for a service and a tidy up.

Bristol Cars Secret Stash

A predicted £1m worth of classic cars has been discovered in an old garage belonging to Bristol Cars Ltd, according to an article by The Daily Mail Online.

Amongst the discovery was a 1982 Bristol Fighter, a 1964 Bristol 409 Bullet Speeder and a 2016 Bristol bullet, all prototypes that never made it to market. A spokesperson for Bristol Cars referred to the stock as ‘junk’ but classic car valuers think the lot could bring up to £1m in total. What a find!

Since 2018, Bristol Cars had been working on a new prototype they called the ‘Bullet’ having not focused on automotive builds since their last liquidation in 2011. But faced another liquidation this year following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bristol Cars, who at their peak produced 100 hand-built cars a year, were the last independent hand-build car manufacturer left in the UK.

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we had the privilege of working on this 1971 Bristol 411 earlier this year. We just hope we’ll get the chance to see more of these beautiful cars in the future, maybe even some from their secret stash.