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Routing – Running the New Wiring Harness in the 1971 Bristol 411

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on routing the new wiring harness on the 1971 Bristol 411.

At our Suffolk HQ, the Bristol has come in to be rewired and with that, the team have paid careful attention to the routing of each individual wire and its placement/length. The team have used period correct ‘P’ clips to clamp the wiring runs and separate them into the various systems for the car. Along with that, the team have made up some new wires and added them into the harness for the temperature sensor and the ignition coil.

Each of the wires was then prepared and tightened down into the power blocks in advance of the car being tested soon.

Reimagined – Repairing the Rear Seat and New Front Seat Foams For the 1954 Bristol 405

The interior technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have recreated several key parts for the interior of the 1954 Bristol 405.

To begin with, the team have made brand new foam pieces for the front seats of the classic Bristol as part of its restoration.

Then, the team could keep stripping down the rear seat base of the car to get to the frame that lay beneath. The next part for the trim shop to look into was the foldable armrest. Stripped back to its core, the hinge and piece itself could be assessed and then remade.

From there, the team could use the baseboard as a template to make a new piece entirely from scratch. Transfering the main shape to new wood, the trim shop soaked the ends in water so as to allow the wood to bend into place without snapping or cracking in any way before being pinned to the framework to rest and dry into the needed shape.

Test Fit – Trial Fitment of the New Steering Rack on the 1970 Bristol 411

The all-new steering rack for the 1970 Bristol 411 has been test fit into the car by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop.

As part of the cars left-hand drive conversion, the technicians have specced a brand new power-steering rack. Previously, the workshop has been busy making new plates and brackets for this moment.

With the new rack in place, the technicians can take measurements and double check tolerances for any interference which may happen.