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Progress – Wiring and New Latches on the 1971 Bristol 411

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop team have been continuing to work on the wiring of the 1971 Bristol 411 along with some other jobs on the classic GT car.

The team have been asked to replace the wiring harness through the entire car. John has been going through each of the systems to make sure everything is working correctly and then installing the new harness while carrying out any necessary repairs.

The team have also adjusted and installed some new latches and hinges throughout the car.

Routing – Running the New Wiring Harness in the 1971 Bristol 411

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on routing the new wiring harness on the 1971 Bristol 411.

At our Suffolk HQ, the Bristol has come in to be rewired and with that, the team have paid careful attention to the routing of each individual wire and its placement/length. The team have used period correct ‘P’ clips to clamp the wiring runs and separate them into the various systems for the car. Along with that, the team have made up some new wires and added them into the harness for the temperature sensor and the ignition coil.

Each of the wires was then prepared and tightened down into the power blocks in advance of the car being tested soon.

Going Back Together – 1970 Bristol 411 Reassembly

The workshop at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ have begun the process of getting the interior of the 1970 Bristol 411 following its in-house LHD conversion.

The trim team recently installed the carpet set into the floor of the classic GT car, and from there the workshop team could start to put the seats and all other pieces into the car. Along with that, they can start to align all the panels as part of its aesthetic work and finish off getting the trims and wiring/plumbing routed in the engine bay.