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Bristol Engine Work

Classic car technician James has been working on the engine of our 1954 Bristol 405. The carburettors and refurbished/correct air filters arrived back at the

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Bristol Engine Work

Classic car technician James has been working on the engine of our 1954 Bristol 405.

The carburettors and refurbished/correct air filters arrived back at the workshop and were fitted to the engine. The three mounting brackets were cleaned thoroughly, and then fitted with the carbs using new gaskets. Then, the linkages were added and adjusted, and finally the air intake pipe and air filter housing.

James also tidied the ignition leads and secured them.

A Makeover For The Seats Of Our 1954 Bristol 405

Quite a bit of interior work has been done on our 1954 Bristol 405 lately. The seats have been a focus of Lydia as she has been working hard to get them into a much more presentable condition.

She has been busy sewing calico onto the front seats and fitting them onto their foams and frames. Lydia has also been cleaning up and re-painting the metal parts of the seats too.

Once the front seats were done, the rear seats, which are also fluted, went through the same process of having a small draft of the flutes made to check measurements before being made for real out of leather. The rear seats have a calico backing and are stuffed with foam and wadding (like the front seats).

Finally, the piping was sewn on before Lydia marked and cut out the leather for the skirt pieces.

While Lydia was busy working on the seats of our 1954 Bristol 405, Brian was making door panels. He first marked these out using paper patterns before cutting out the rear door panel. He also had to cut holes for the handles and armrests.

While Lydia and Brian were working on the interior components of our 405, Paul was working on the outer doors.

Paul spent some time assessing the doors and coming up with a plan of action to get them back into the shape they need to be in order for this classic car to be driven back out on the road.

Our 1954 Bristol 405 still has a long way to go but progress continues and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store.

Interior Work On Our 1954 Bristol 405

Lydia has once again been busy working on some of the interior components of our 1954 Bristol 405.

This time, her attention turned to the front seat base faces.

Lydia first made a vinyl draft so she was able to check the sizing of the flutes. She then went on to mark out the leather and calico backing before drawing guidelines which she will follow when sewing the flute lines.

On The Way To The Workshop

The main body of our 1954 Bristol 405 has been transported to our workshop.

Now it is here with the team, it can begin the next phase of its restoration. With work already done on the seats, it’s time to get the rest of the car in order so it can be one step closer to being back out on the road.

There will be lots more updates coming soon as this classic car returns to its full former glory.

Like New – Making the Squab Seats for the 1954 Bristol 405

The 1954 Bristol 405, in for restoration at Bridge Classic Cars, has had the trim team finish off the first off 2 squab seats for the car.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has made the whole seat by hand using the original as a template to work from. Each individual piece has been made by hand specifically for the car and the results look absolutely incredible.

On The Cards – Teardown on the Rear Door Cards of the 1954 Bristol 405

The trim team at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop have begun work on stripping down the rear door cards of the 1954 Bristol 405 in for restoration.

The team began by carefully removing the coverings to use as a reference for the new ones which will be made at our Suffolk HQ by the trim shop. The team could then inspect any pieces or part which may be able to be refurbished or reused before measuring and checking each of the components that make up the door card.

Everything was then catalogued and the original coverings put into storage to be used at a later date for reference.

This Just In – 1954 Bristol 405 and Parts

The 1954 Bristol 405 and all the accompanying parts have arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars secure storage facility, The Hangar, while it awaits its restoration at our workshops.

The car came straight from Ireland to our storage facility where it will be safely and securely stored. The team also documented several boxes of parts and pieces for the classic Bristol which have been carefully put away in our stores department.

Keep a lookout on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1954 Bristol 405

A Piece of the Puzzle – The 1954 Bristol 405’s Original Engine Returns

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree have received a very important shipment today. Not only is it important for the technicians in the restoration of the 1954 Bristol 405, but its important for the car itself.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars have managed to track down the car’s original engine. That’s right, this is the correct engine for the classic Bristol. The car is currently fitted with the engine from a Triumph TR6, but as part of the restoration of the car, its original heart will be put back into the 1950s GT car to live out the rest of its years with.

We’re excited to show you more on the 1954 Bristol 405 project very soon but for now, we get to marvel at the glorious Bristol straight-six.