bridge classic cars show

Out & About – The Long Shop Pre-’60s Rally at Bentwaters

On Sunday the 22nd of May, the Bridge Classic Cars team welcomed The Long Shop Museum Pre-’60s Rally to our secure storage facility, The Hangar, as part of their tour.

It was an absolute pleasure to have so many classic and vintage cars, motorcycles and buses at our site and to learn more about the stories of each of the cars and their owners. Everything from the very early turn of the century European touring cars to 1950s American classics and everything in between.

During the stop at our site, Craig and Freddie did a walk-around to show all of our audience this amazing event which you can rewatch here:

To see the entire gallery have a look below!

2021 Bridge Classic Cars Show

What a day! It was so lovely to welcome you back to our workshops for the 2021 Bridge Classic Cars show. After having to cancel both our 2020 Summer show and 2021 January show, we were well in need of a good catch up. The day started at our Bentwateras Hangar, before a convoy of roughly 150 cars made the journey through Woodbridge to our Woskhops in Pettistree.

Thank you to Matt Woods Photography for the imagery below.