Bridge Classic Cars show 2022

Bridge Classic Cars Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show 2022

The morning began with a haze. The rain from the night had settled into a fine mist as the team arrived at The Hangar. As the early morning sun rose higher, and the cars made their way out of the ex-aircraft hangar the stillness was broken by the sound of friends.

Friends driving everything from the latest supercars to the most humble of pre-war saloons and everything imaginable in between.

The crowds grew larger as the blanket of rain eased off and row upon row was filled with eclectic machines. This was the starting point for the 2022 Bridge Classic Cars Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show.

Our friends, which came out in their masses, walked around and checked out not just our own cars but others. Familiar faces greeted new arrivals bringing them into the community which sits at the core of all petrolheads. The clock got closer to 10 AM, the point at which all of us would leave the airforce base start point on a 13-mile tour of the surrounding areas towards the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at Pettistree where the rest of the team excitedly awaited their arrival.

As the line of cars stretched as far as the eyes could see in either direction, the Pettistree team organised everyone into their spaces.

Dozens of neat rows stretched either side of the main entrance, and as far back as possible. The mixture of cars coming through the front gates was a wonderful sight, people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the simple cause of everything automotive.

As our friends milled and ambled their way through the countless dozens of cars – The energy ramped up towards our workshop where the party was happening. The team had organised the amazing Powters to handle the food and coffee while the incredible Three Chordettes supplied the soundtrack to everyone’s morning.

The weather came in dribs and drabs but it didn’t change the atmosphere. The constant wave of people going through our workshops to talk to our restoration teams about things we’re doing or questions they had settled into a rhythm. The streams of people looking around our competitions building at our latest competitions created a buzz and extra excitement in the air.

Throughout the day, more cars came and went with the top fields and the concrete pads always filled with the sound of engines and the smell of slightly overrich carburettors.

Our shows are always a highlight of our year. In recent years, due to world events, we have missed being able to have all of our friends in one place. Since coming back last year, the Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show has grown from strength to strength with this year being the biggest attendance of all the years we’ve been doing it.

The whole team at Bridge Classic Cars would like to thank each and every person who came out to display, support or enjoy. We can’t wait to see you all next year!

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