brake overhaul

Corroded Brakes on our Volvo 245GL

Pictures show the brake discs that were covered in surface corrosion but were in good condition and cleaned up very well.

Pictures show washer bottle before and after cleaning of sludgy deposits that were blocking jets.

Brakes locking on Mini 850

On testing Dave noticed that the brakes on our 1968 Mini 850 were locking. Upon closer inspection we can see that the offside was made up of a different compound so we have replaced all brake shoes to give an even consistency and compound.

1959 Ford Consul Brake Overhaul

Pete has overhauled the brake system on our 1959 Ford Consul restoration project. This included new wheel cylinders, new adjusters, relined shoes, machined cylinders and fresh brake fluid.

Rebuilding 1934 Riley Monaco brakes

The car came to us needing a service and at the same time we were asked to investigation the brakes that did not seem to be in full operation.

Having stripped the brakes, re-facing the drums and re-lining the shoes Mauro has now successful rebuilt the brakes and the car once again, slows down and stops as it should.

The car is now complete and ready to return home for the summer.