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MGA Paint Process

Chris is now so close to completing the paintwork on our 1960 MGA. All of the panels and main body have now been painted and

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More paint prep for the Ford Capri.

As well as the exterior of the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS being transformed in the body and paint shop, Lydia’s been getting pieces from the engine bay in a better state for re-painting. This piece was sandblasted to get the original paint and corrosion off in preparation.

It’s the detail that counts with the Honda!

Lydia has been continuing her prep work again for the 1998 Honda Integra Type R. This time around she’s been sanding down the primer on the various panel pieces for the wing mirrors and the fuel cap. They were all gone over with 500 grade gold soft pads, followed by grey scotch and then panel wipe to clean the sanding and paint dust off.

New Sills On The Nissan

Our lovely little 1994 Nissan Micra Dot has been treated to new sills this week. Courtesy of our body shop expert Anthony.

They’d become a victim of rust damage. And although not a highly valuable ‘classic’ car, this type of repair is still very much worth carrying out to increase the lifespan of older cars.

Now our little Dot just needs a new paint job to blend in the new sills and she’ll be away!

MGA Paint Process

Chris is now so close to completing the paintwork on our 1960 MGA. All of the panels and main body have now been painted and cured. Chris will fit up the panels onto the car before giving her a good polish. Stay tuned to see the fully assembled rolling chassis back in the workshop soon for it’s restoration to continue.

Great work, Chris!

1960 MGA in the Paint Shop

Chris is making great progress on our lovely 1960 MG MGA. He’s now primed all panels in white primer with a guide coat over the top. Chris has also applied colour-matched raptor paint to the underside panels to prevent future rust and corrosion.

The MGA will be entering the final stages of paint very soon and emerging reborn with stunning red paintwork. Great work, Chris!

1973 Triumph Tr6 Restoration Update

We’ve been making great progress on our 1973 Triumph TR6 restoration. 

Within our in-house paint shop, Darren has been working hard on our Triumph TR6 body. Originally brown, Darren has taken the bodywork back to bare metal to ensure the stunning magenta paintwork on the TR6 is perfect. He started by repairing, sanding and priming the Triumph body, ensuring the surface is 100 percent smooth before going into the spray booth for colour. This wonderful magenta was an original factory option offered by Triumph on the TR6 and our customer has chosen this colour for his vehicle.

Mauro has been making great progress working on our TR6’s chassis. He’s fitted new coil springs, brake cylinder, front brake discs, front brake callipers, brake lines, front and rear hubs, rear drum brakes, bushes, ball joints and shock absorbers so far. We’ve also fitted our fully restored suspension arms and uprated bushes to improve ride quality.


1977 Triumph Spitfire Arrives for Paintwork

We’re delighted to have this wonderful 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 into the Bridge Classic Cars Paint shop.

The owner has brought in his spitfire 1500 for our Paintwork specialists to work on. The Spirfire will be painted black. Interestingly, black was never a colour option Triumph offered from the factory so this really will be a unique classic.

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we have a bit of a soft spot for Spitfires. they’re such wonderful classics. We can’t wait for work to begin and to see this Spitfire transform into a beautiful machine.

The 1500 from this vehicles name denotes the cc of the engine given to it. The 1500 was the final iteration of the Spitfire and is favoured amongst enthusiasts as it was the most powerful engine on offer.