bmw interior

Headlining finished for the 1990 BMW.

Brian has finished creating the new headlining for the 1990 BMW 750 iL. After taking the original fabric off the board and cleaning the board up, a grey nyylon brushed headlining foam was used to re-cover the board, which was similar to the original. Brian gradually glued the new fabric on, pressing into the curves and contours to get a neat finish, and trimmed away where any holes were for attachments and panels. After he had re-covered the board, Brian then set about rejuvenating the sun visor switch panel. Once that was done, the headlining board was put back into place in the car, along with the sun visor switch panel and all the panels and pieces that were taken out of the car to get the board out. Another job finished!

BMW Interior Consultation

This 2008 BMW 118 came for a consultation today to look at some extensive interior damage. A car of only 12 years old isn’t our usual ‘classic’, but we’re always up for a challenge! And this job is no different.

Looking at all the rips in the fabric and cigarette burns we suggest to change the panels like-for-like with new fabric. Check back in to see our progress once we begin the work.

BMW M3 Rear Seat Bolster Repair

Kath has made a wonderful repair to this BMW’s rear bolster.

In order to perfectly match the leather, Kath has come up with an ingenious solution. She’s elected to cut out the damaged area at the bottom of the bolster and stretch the leather over, before stitching it back together. This means that when this panel returns back into the vehicle, the leather will have the same ageing and colour as the rest of the interior and will look pristine once more.

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