AxSim FIA Simulator

Bridge Classic Cars at Knowledge Visual Technology Ltd

Recently, the Bridge Classic Cars team headed out from our Suffolk HQ to visit our friends from Knowledge Visual Technology to try out their new Sim!

The AXSIM which Knowledge Visual Technology has is a state-of-the-art FIA-approved simulator to help train racing drivers to the highest level and also used for entertainment and events. Its F1-style tub moves underneath the driver and copies the minute movements a racing car will go through on track and feeds all the sensory information back to the driver.

Craig, Molly and Freddie all took turns in the Sim trying out the set-up on the formidable Silverstone circuit. One of the fastest and most iconic tracks not only in the UK but in the world. A fast, flowing but in places highly technical complex which tests even the most skilled drivers.

We had an absolute blast going down to see Knowledge Visual Technology! Can’t wait to have another go.

Check out the video of our time getting to grips with a real F1 simulator!