automotive repair

Stripping our 1973 VW T2

We have already begun work stripping our 1973 Volkswagen T2 camper. Ady, with a little help from Toby, who will be completely all of the welding once the camper returns, are busy removing everything from the vehicle ready for the chemical dipping process to begin. The body shell will handed over to Prostrip with nothing more to remove; the running gear will all go, the doors and windows will be removed and the shell will be ready and waiting for the dipping stage.

Prostrip has developed Phos-Strip™, a chemical dip process for the removal of paint, rust and underseal from complete car shells or individual panels. Its chemical formulation strips away contaminants from all internal and external areas.

1967 Jaguar E-Type Racecar: Now with wheels!

She’s really starting to look the part now! Our stunning E-type racecar is now sitting proudly on wheels. Painted in our in-house paint shop by Darren to match the metalic grey and with tyres fitted by Graeme from We Fit Any Tyres Anywhere.

Paul has also sourced new period correct gauges for our E-type to sit within our new look dashboard.

1955 Austin Healey – Test Drive

Dave has been working hard on our 1955 Austin Healey ahead of the owner seeing the car this weekend. It’s getting very near completion now. We can’t wait to see this gorgeous Healey back on the road after our recent restoration works.