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Back Together – Rebuilding the Brakes on the 1937 Austin Seven

After the strip down and inspection of the brake system on the 1937 Austin Seven, the team have been the process of getting it all back together.

The team began by reassembling the wire and arm system which control the whole set-up checking their action and regressing or tightening anything needed. The team also replace a set of brake shoes on the car which then were adjusted out to where they needed to be for the best brake feel. Once everything is back together and tested, the team will make any last minute adjustments for the classic Austin.

Stripped Back – Stripping and Inspecting the Brakes on the 1937 Austin Seven

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have turned their attention to the brake system of the 1937 Austin Seven which arrived recently at our Suffolk HQ.

The team began by first inspecting each of the drums of the classic Austin for any leaks, cracks and the overall condition of the wheel cylinders and adjusters. All of the mechanical linkages were also stripped down and inspected for any sort of binding or rubbing which may cause the braking system to not be as effective as it could be.

Each of the drums were individually stripped back and inspected on the work bench and their conditions noted.

This Just In – 1937 Austin Seven

This beautiful 1937 Austin Seven has just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in our Suffolk HQ to be worked on by our restoration teams.

Along with the full inspection all cars entering our workshop receive, the team will be focusing mainly on the braking system of the classic pre-war Austin.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon for more on the 1937 Austin Seven.