Audi restoration

On Its Way – 1969 Audi 70L

The latest addition to the Bridge Classic Cars stable is on its way to the Suffolk HQ from its current home in the South of England.

This wonderful RHD, very original example is currently on its way back to the workshop for our in-house restoration teams to begin its assessment.

Expect to see lots more on this amazing piece of Audi history here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon.

Coming Soon – 1969 Audi 70L

Bridge Classic Cars have managed to acquire something really quite special! It’s a 1969 Audi 70L. A Right-hand drive model that appears to be pretty much original.

The engine has been removed and appears to have been cleaned up, but it will soon be headed for our Suffolk HQ for our in-house team of restoration experts to go through the car and find out just what it needs.

Keep an eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1969 Audi 70L.