Aston amrtin db5

Aston Martins At Stratton Motor Company

Craig popped over to the Statton Motor Company to disconnect the air bags in the seats of his Aston Martin DB9 ready for the seats to be retrimmed but whilst he was there he saw this DB2/4, identical to the one we’ve got in, so he took the chance to take some photos as reference for when we rebuild ours.

Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger Continuation


An Aston Martin DB5 has just rolled off the production line, more than 50 years since the last DB5.

“The DB5 is, without question, the most famous car in the world by virtue of its 50-plus year association with James Bond. To see, the first customer car finished, and realise that this is the first new DB5 we have built in more than half a century, really is quite a moment.”

Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda

What do you think of this new DB5? Priced at a cool £2.75 million, this is one for Bond fans with seriously deep pockets.