arrow ferrari daytona replica

Through the Lens – Fitting the Indicators on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The restoration team at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ have made progress on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona. This time, they’ve been perfecting the fitment of the indicator lenses at the front of the classic Ferrari homage.

Our technician Scott has spent several hours getting the lenses just right for Daytona replica. The lenses had to be fixed into place on the car, which Scott made up some small and strong brackets for. These were carefully measured up and put into the car. Along with that, the back of the lens socket was masked up and painted so through the clear part of the lens, the cars stunning pale green cannot be seen.

First Fit – Beginning the New 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona Carpet Set

The in-house trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars have begun the process of creating the one-off carpet set for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.

Our trimmer Lydia has been working on the project to create the bespoke carpets. To begin with, she took the original carpets which were removed from the car during its teardown at the start of the project and laid them back into the car to create a layout and map of which panels needed to be bound and where but also this was done to refine the sizes of each piece to create a final product as close to an original Daytona interior as possible.

Once the pieces had been laid out, they were taken upstairs to our in-house trim shop to be transferred onto the new carpet material. Finished in dark green with matching edging. The original pieces were used as templates and refined to get the best fit into the Daytona.

The largest piece was for the rear of the Arrow, these were test fit into the car to take into account the many recesses and compartments particular to Arrow Daytonas.

Changes – Modifying the Doors, Door Cards and Centre Console on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop has been having its doors, door cards and centre console modified to have several key authentic Ferrari Daytona pieces worked into the interior of the car.

The first part to be installed was the door lights. This involved very carefully measuring up the pieces as a template and drilling out a perfect hole to fit them.

Next, the door cards for the Daytona had to be heavily reshaped and modified to fit the new Daytona pieces. This involved the team stripping back the door card coverings for the fibreglass backing to be cut and reshaped, using minimal body filler in order to be smoothed out underneath its leather coverings.

The centre console had been reshaped and refined to more accurately replicate the original Daytona piece and match the level of detail in the interior of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.