Arrow Daytona

Progress – The Team Working on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working their way through some of the smaller jobs on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.

These little jobs are as crucial as the larger bits of work in the restoration of a classic car to make sure that every little piece and part of the car is fit perfectly and work correctly when needed.

Safe and Secure – Working on Fitting Up the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The restoration workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting several crucial pieces of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona restoration completed.

Scott has been working on carefully routing the various coolant hoses from the V12 to the new radiator set up for the car. Part of that radiator/cooling set-up involves the installation of not only a set of electric fans but also the new AC condenser. He has made up a beautiful set of custom brackets to hold these pieces to the radiator shroud.

The other pieces that have been completed on the Daytona are the installation of various key pieces to the engine such as the oil filter housing, the new exhaust bracket/mounts which has allowed Scott to begin fitting the exhaust to the V12. And with the new fans and other parts fitted to the car, he could begin working out the coolant hoses for any interference that may occur.

Making Sense – Modifying the Wiring Harness of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars are working on cleaning up and modifying the wiring harness for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.

Rob, one of our restoration technicians, has taken the entire harness for the car and begun to strip it back into individual systems to assess what is and isn’t there for the classic Daytona replica. The harness itself comes from a Jaguar XJS which includes multiple sensors, relays and components which aren’t needed or found on a Daytona.

So, Rob is working his way through and cleaning up the harness to make sure everything that needs to be connected is there and both neatly and safely in the car. Stripping away any unneeded pieces to simplify the car’s electrical system.

Every Fibre – Modifying the Dash and Centre Console of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars are on a mission to making sure the interior of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona in with us for restoration is as close as possible to the real thing.

Part of that job is the fit and finish of the dash and centre console. Scott, one of our technicians, has been put in charge of modifying the fibreglass pieces that make up the dash and console fit perfectly and look authentic to the car it pays homage to.

Piece by piece, he has cut and reshaped the fibreglass to allow not only the tightest fit between individual components but follow the contours of the original using reference photos and videos to guide him. This being fibreglass, Scott has a certain amount of movement within the material to get it lining up and fitting just right before putting in filler pieces and strengthening the whole panel.

This process of reshaping and modifying the dash and console is not one to be taken lightly but crucial in the execution of the project as a whole.

The Genuine Article – Real Daytona Wheels for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop here in Pettistree, Suffolk has had an incredible delivery. A set of refurbished genuine Ferrari Daytona wheels.

These will be fitted to the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona which is undergoing a thorough and complete restoration by our in-house restoration teams. These wheels have been refurbished which must be done by specialists due to their magnesium construction.

This is going to be an amazing addition to the car once the restoration is complete by the team.

Back in the Workshop – 1979 Arrow Daytona

This wonderful 1979 Arrow Daytona is back in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk from being in storage.

It’s currently under covers while several cars are being worked on around the workshop while it awaits its time with our in-house restoration experts to carry on with the restoration of the car.

Keep an eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog for updates on the Arrow Daytona.

Stripping back the interior of the 1979 Arrow Daytona

Brian has begun to strip down the interior of the 1979 Arrow Daytona in at Bridge Classic Cars.

Carefully Brian and the trim team have removed all of the carpeting and necessary trim panels to get access to both the dash and centre console which will be removed and stored before their restoration starts.

Along with the interior trim pieces, the wiring for the cabin has also been removed and catalogued for future reference once the car is back in the workshop to be reassembled.