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Fernando Alonso’s Sensational Demo Lap

Fernando Alonso wowed audiences this weekend with his demonstration lap in his 2005 R25 v10 Formula 1 car that won him the 2005 world championship.

Viewers who found the weekends race otherwise fairly tame counted Alonso’s appearance as the highlight of their F1 experience.

2005 was the last era of V10 before Formula 1 moved to the more efficient Turbo Charged V8’s. The newer V8 engines are quieter, smaller and more efficient than their raucous 2005 predecessors however they don’t carry the same iconic roar.

Alonso suggested that the screaming v10 engine is what modern F1 is missing, as it evokes such emotions with its sound that the new machinery cannot match.

You can see the video here.

“It is something that we are missing honestly,” Alonso said after his lap.

“I think not only the fans, everyone in the paddock, we miss the sound. We miss the Formula 1 that we got in love with when we were kids and we were watching television.

“So now, to witness this car at this circuit, I think it was pretty special for everyone in the paddock.”

Alonso’s demonstration lap stood as a powerful sign off for the last race of the season. In a tweet on Saturday, Alonso expressed his excitement for the car and for his return with newly re-named Renault next year.