2020 triumph Street Twin

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of REC Icon 1000 TTT Watch & 2020 Triumph Street Twin

This was a very specialist live draw at Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ. It was the first live draw of the newest member of our team, Molly.

With the support of the entire team here at our restoration workshops behind her, it was time to start the live stream to all of our friends and followers across the internet.

To begin with, Freddie and Molly went through a bit about her background and how she ended up becoming the newest member of the team here at Bridge. Then, it was time for a look around some of the incredible machinery we have in our competition building. The recently launched Dodge Viper pulling all the attention from everything else in the room… but the team to the chance to have a look around some of the other pieces we have in currently including the wonderful 1950 Land Rover Series 1 being prepared for auction by our restoration workshop.

But, it was time for us to find out who the lucky new owners of our special edition watch and Street Twin were.

First up – the watch. As the team got the Google Random Number Generator up on the screen, the anticipation built. After going through a quick test run to make sure everything was working as it should and so everyone watching along could see clearly, it was time to find out who the lucky new owner of this very special watch was. With number set, it was now down to fate.

With a whir on the screen, the final number appeared. 401. This ticket had been bought by Graham Suttill, the lucky new owner of the REC Icon 1000TTT Watch.

Then it was time to go straight into the main event. Finding out who the new owner of our 2020 Triumph Street Twin was. As Molly reset the number in the random number generator, we wished everyone good luck. And then with one click, it was decided. Barry Druce had just won our 2020 Triumph Street Twin with ticket number 874.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 2020 Triumph Street Twin

There is something wonderfully simple about riding a motorcycle. The direct, mechanical nature of a machine and its rider at one with each other on the open road. Some names are legendary within the pages of motorcycle history, such as this. Triumph.

Classically, the Bonneville series of motorcycles became synonymous across the world for steadfast engineering and superb performance. This bike is the modern interpretation of those principles. Our 2020 Triumph Street Twin. A modern take on the classical styling of the Bonnevilles, it works as a daily commuter or a knee-down warrior on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

Before the team began, the bike was checked over and inspected by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop who found the bike was in incredible condition covering just over 1200 miles in its life.

With the green light given for the team to go and film with it, it was off to our filming location to get what was needed. The water-cooled 900cc twin sang along the country roads on its way to The Hangar, our director Craig at the helm of the fantastic red and black bike. From there, the team could head out onto the old airforce base and begin to shoot.

The riding style and performance of the Street Twin make it not only comfortable for everyday use but gives the rider a confidence in the machine itself.

And all of this could be yours! This is now our latest competition prize as part of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Head over to the website using the link here and enter now for your chance to win this amazing 2020 Triumph Street Twin!

Or to check out the full gallery and video, take a look below: