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1980 Mini Van

Covered – New Rear Matting in the 1980 Austin Mini Van

The interior team at Bridge Classic Cars have been busy making new rear matting for the load bay of the 1980 Austin Mini Van.

The team begun by making a paper template to ensure the matting would fit up tightly to the rear arches and meet perfectly in the centre of the classic Mini. Once each side have been marked out and cut from paper, it could then be transferred onto the matting and cut to size.

The next step involved gently keying the load floor inside the car to give it the best surface to adhere to. Then, very carefully it was put into place with the adhesive and left to cure.

This Just In – 1980 Mini Van

Just arrived into the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this wonderful 1980 Mini Van. But, it’s hiding a secret…

Underneath the beautiful green bodywork lies the heart of a hotrod. This bite-sized bruiser is packing a 1380cc supercharged A-series engine! All of that performance in a small car is a recipe for fun in our books.

The car will of course go through the usual inspections and assessments by our in-house restoration teams who will check over the entire car in order to find out if anything needs to be done to this incredible classic Mini for it to be in absolutely tip-top shape.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon for more on this tiny terror!