1975 Triumph TR6

Play in the wheel bearings…

Dave has been inspecting the 1975 Magenta Triumph TR6 and found that there was play in the two near-side wheel bearings. You can see this in the two videos in this blog post. He also found that there were a few threads ripped out, due to just being worn out by people taking the car apart over the years. You can see in one of the photos that bits of aluminium have got stuck on the thread and are coming off. The threads are going to get helicoiled.

Speedy Speedo work on the TR6.

Dave has been working on the 1975 Triumph TR6. He’s installed a new speedo cable and new clips to go on them. On the original, there was a bad earth connection and it appears that the car had been driven with this happening, which meant the cable had melted. Another problem that he encountered was that the angle box had been destroyed from the drive out of the gearbox. Dave had to, unfortunately, take the interior out to access the drive and speedo cable, which always adds time to the process of anything. He also found there was a missing split pin on the offside bottom trunion.

Dave is now in the process of doing the 4 wheel alignment, which means putting lasers on it and setting up the geometry of it all. Shims have to be put in, to square everything up.

Getting busy with the 1975 Triumph!

Dave has been carrying out work on the 1975 magenta Triumph TR6. Here’s a list and a look at what he’s been up to!

There were problems with the horn so a new plate was ordered, the earth coil needs re-instating, replaced the fuel filter in the boot, the pipe got replaced, the fuel was drained a couple of times because of debris in it, Dave lubricated to free up the butterflies in the engine bay, each injector was removed to get the air out of the pipes, he set out linkage in sequence, which was done with a vacuum metre, there was oil in the distributor, so Dave cleaned it out, and put it all back together again, the clutch had to be made longer and now works fine, the wiper motor needs attention, and he’s set the points up!