1973 Triumph Stag

New on MyClassics.co.uk – 1973 Triumph Stag

If you’ve ever thought about owning a 1973 Triumph Stag, then now is the time to head over to MyClassics.co.uk as one has recently been listed for sale.

The car has been with its current owner since 2010 and is a past concours winner. Photos and details of the restoration work that has been undertaken by former owners are available, so this certainly sounds like a well-cared-for classic car.

The current owner feels that the Stag is not used enough so, hopefully, a new owner can be found who will be able to enjoy many miles in this beautiful car and get it back out onto the road where it belongs.

Completion of the Stag!

The 1973 Triumph Stag has now come to its completion stage! It’s had quite the journey! You can read in full detail about all the work that was done to it here.

In March this year, the journey began with the interior restoration. The seats were all stripped apart and the frames were given a spruce up. In April, the hood frame was given a clean, inspection and repaired. Also in April, the kits arrived for the new interior and Kath and Brian began the process of fitting it all. In May more of the new interior was put in, including the door cards, carpet and tonneau cover. Also in May paintwork was done, oil leaks were inspected, carburettor work was carried out and the steering rack was overhauled. In June a new ball point was installed, we waited for wipers and a bumper to turn up and the heater and gearbox were given some attention!

So after all that work, it’s now good to go!