1970 Land Rover Series IIA

Sold On MyClassics.co.uk – 1970 Land Rover Series IIA

Our 1970 Land Rover Series IIA recently sold on MyClassics.co.uk

Despite needing some restoration work, it still runs and, with a bit of care and attention, it will be a very impressive vehicle again in the future.

We will be sad to say goodbye to our Land Rover but we are pleased that a new owner has been found and we hope that the future is very bright for this great classic vehicle.

Underneath Our 1970 Land Rover Series IIA

Since we put our 1970 Land Rover IIA up for sale, we have had quite a few interested parties reach out to us to find out more.

One individual specifically asked about the condition of the underside of the vehicle. One of the workshop team headed up to our storage facility, The Hangar, to take some photos to share with the interested person.

As you can see from the photos below, although some attention is certainly needed to get this vehicle back to its former glory, everything is still running and the car is ready to be purchased by its new owner.

New On MyClassics.co.uk – 1970 Land Rover Series IIA

Newly listed on MyClassics.co.uk is a 1970 Land Rover Series IIA. It is in need of some restoration work but it will no doubt be up and running again with a little bit of attention given to it.

This iconic classic vehicle runs although the current engine is somewhat smokey. A spare engine comes with the Land Rover though which has been seen running in another vehicle.

Full details can be seen here.

The Land Rover is also listed on eBay.

Inspection – Checking the Glow Plugs and Fuel Pump on the 1970 Land Rover Series IIA

Our restoration technician Paul has been working on inspecting and assessing the running of the 1970 Land Rover Series IIA that is at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

Before any further work is carried out, Paul wanted to check and see whether the diesel engine that has been fitted is running properly and safely. We have previously replaced the injector pump, so following on from that Paul checked the glow plugs located in the engine block.