1969 Bent

Start Over – Repairing the Rust on the 1969 Bentley T1

The 1969 Bentley T1 is currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for our in-house restoration technician, Dave, to begin work on the rust repairs of this classic Bentley.

The state of the body on the Bentley wasn’t in the best shape once our in-house paint and body team took the car all the back to bare metal. Evidence of poor repairs and work done to the car which did not have the best interest or, the longevity of the car in mind.

So, it’s time to sort the T1 out properly. Dave is one of our most experienced technicians and fabricators. He is beginning by sorting out the front sills for the Bentley. These are crucial for the strength and rigidity of the car which our team can then work off of when tackling other areas.

With this process started in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, keep a look out on the News Page for more updates soon on the 1969 Bentley T1 restoration.