1968 Morris Minor Van

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1968 Morris Minor Van

Last night, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions found out who the lucky winner of the 1968 Morris Minor Van was and as always, we live streamed it on our Facebook page!

Moments before the live stream started, the classic Morris van sold out completely!

The night began with a walkaround of our new competitions building with Hayley and Freddie showing everyone watching along what we’ve got coming up and what is currently live on our Competitions website.

Then, Hayley handed over to our director Craig for a brief tour around our restoration workshop to show you a very special moment where we had 3 Jensen 541’s in for work, all in different stages of their build. From a bare chassis back from sandblasting to a full rebuilt frame and then a finished and complete 541R.

But, it was time to give the audience what they had been waiting for. Finding out just who had won the classic Morris Minor Van. So, using our random number generator and pre-published entry list the team began the process.

As Hayley input the numbers between 1 and 4199 in the number generator the anticipation built. Messages of luck were shared between total strangers on the internet wishing each other well. Then with one click of a button, the new owner had been found.

Robert Cargill had been allocated ticket 1124 – The number that had appeared on the random number generator and checked against our entry list.

After finding his details, Hayley gave him a ring live on the Facebook stream with possible the best reaction we have ever had to a competition. Robert and his wife were absolutely ecstatic with their new classic Morris Minor!

Remember, you could be getting that phone call too! There are always new dream classics going up on our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website for you to enter, head over there now and get your tickets!

Behind the Scenes – Shooting our 1968 Morris Minor Van

It’s the latest competition from Bridge Classic Cars! This wonderful 1968 Morris Minor Van is now up for grabs on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website.

Since all the work had been completed on the classic Morris van by our workshop, it was time to get it ready for competition.

With this, we thought we would take you behind the scenes on the shoot with the Bridge Classic Cars team. Craig, Freddie and Monty headed out to Bentwaters to shoot the classic van under the Suffolk sun.

The little 4-cylinder engine burbled its way round the countryside for lap after lap as the team moved around the site to capture the various stills and video clips that we need for our competitions but every one of us had a huge smile thanks to this beautiful van.

And, it could be yours! Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for the 1968 Morris Minor Van by clicking here!

Thorough Work – Working on the 1968 Morris Minor Van

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the 1968 Morris Minor Van at our Suffolk HQ.

Firstly, the car was fully serviced and the valves and tappets were adjusted to specification. After this, the team began to test the classic Morris Minor. Then, upon further inspection further tasks were found.

Firstly, the team discovered a small oil leak coming from the front cover. This was removed from the front of the engine and inspected on the bench for any distortion or cracks which could cause the cover to not seal correctly. Looking further, the team discovered there was a leak coming from the front main seal of the 1000cc engine so a new one was ordered and the front cover’s gasket was stripped back and all the surfaces prepared.

The team also noticed a small issue with the carburettors on the classic Morris. After removing the needle, our team found some corrosion on the end on the needle which was causing the running issue so that was rectified and put back into the carburettor.

The team also replaced several radiator hoses as part of the new heater valve fitted to the back of the engine before the front of the Morris Minor was all put back together.

The car was then thoroughly road tested and inspected by the team who were happy to report all the issues had been resolved.