1968 MG B GT

New Pieces – Electric Fan and New Brake Servo on the 1968 MG B GT

The 1968 MG B GT has been in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop to have several new pieces fitted under the bonnet of the classic sports car.

To start with, the team have fitted a new electric fan to the radiator to help keep the engine cool which being enjoyed by its owner.

Then, the technicians have fitted a new brake servo for the car and replumbed it into the system and tested.

In Place – Adjusting the Doors, Fitting Ball Joints and Fixing the Exhaust on the 1968 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting a few bits and pieces from the 1968 MG B GT in the right place.

The team have adjusted the door on the classic MG to perfectly line up on the request of the owner. Our technician Jon has got the two pieces of trim to meet perfectly and look uniform down the flanks of the classic sports car.

From there, Jon could move on to to replacing some of the rubber bushes in the suspension of the classic MG B. These had perished and begun to split, so were replaced.

The owner had noted the exhaust was hanging very low on the car. Upon inspection, Jon had found the exhaust itself was in good condition but the mounts and hangers had been fitted incorrectly on the car previously. After rectifying the problem, the exhaust was now neatly tucked up underneath the car.