1968 Jaguar Mk2

Chasing a Noise – Fixing a Few Issues on the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians have been working on getting to the bottom of some noises that have been noted by the owner of this 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4.

After looking into the issue, our senior technician Dave found several components that could cause the sound. The biggest one was that there was a pin missing and perished rubber isolators from the gearbox mount which can allow the vibrations and movement of the gearbox to transfer through the chassis and into the cabin and present as a sound. Along with that, Dave also noted that the exhausts would move occasionally and when they touched each other would also cause noise.

Whilst under the car, Dave also noted that the Universal Joints had become severely worn. For that, the prop shaft had to be removed in order to replace the joints. Whilst out of the car, Dave also cleaned up the splines and assembly to make sure everything was in good condition before reinstalling back into the car.

Laying Down – Fitting the Sound Deadening and Carpet to the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4

While the seats were removed from the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4 which is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our in-house trim expert, Brian, could begin work on retrimming the floors and installing the sound deadening into the floor of this classic Jaguar.

Previously, Brian had stripped out the floors of the car in our trim shop in preparation for the welding repairs needed. Now, Brian could begin his work getting the inside of the car looking as good as the outside. Using original style sound deadening, Brian laid the material into all of the areas that can be affected or are known for transmitting sound into the cabin. Using a series of specialist trim tools, Brian managed to neatly secure the sound deadening into the car. This, allowed Brian to carry on to the next phase of the interior in the 1968 MkII 2.4.

Next up, was getting the carpet panels in the least accessible places throughout the interior. Trimming the rear seat edges, driveshaft tunnel and seat cross members in the stunning, vibrant red which was closely matched to the original pieces. Brian also hand trimmed the gearbox tunnel as well. Using the original pieces as a template to work from but would trim and adjust the pieces to ensure the best fit and finish once all of the accompanying trim has been fitted.

Seamlessly – Repainting the Rear Valance on the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4

The 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4 has been in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop where our paint expert Alan has worked his magic on the rear valance.

The valance had been coated with a thick black stone chip protection across the lower parts, so Alan pulled out his trusty DA sander and got to work. Carefully knocking back the stone chip, Alan exposed the paintwork underneath. Because of the thickness of the protection, Alan had to take it back quite a way. Once the area had been thoroughly cleaned down and smoothed out, Alan could begin his detailed and meticulous work.

Carefully, Alan applied the new stone chip to the area to protect the car from any possible marks or damage while it’s being enjoyed by its very lucky owner.

After the area around the new stone protection had been masked off, Alan carefully colour matched a small amount of paint to the rest of the car in order to seamlessly blend the new area into the existing rear panels and behind the rear bumper.