1968 Jaguar E-Type 4..2

Update – Working on the 1968 Jaguar E-Type 4.2

The 1968 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 has been in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for our restoration technicians to tackle a couple of jobs on.

The first task the team had was to repair part of the radiator. The joint at the top of the filler neck had broken, it had previously been glued, and was bypassing the expansion tank. So, our technician Dave cut off the original to clean up the part and resolder the piece back on.

The next step was for Dave to work on the rear brakes and handbrake of the classic E-Type. The team have gone through and manually adjusted the handbrake on the car as well as fitting a new return spring to the near side rear and having to carry out a small modification to the system in order to fit the new spring.

Whilst looking into the brakes, the team noted the light on the dash, which indicates the brake fluid being low or the handbrake was on, wasn’t working. Upon inspection, the team found the bulb was actually gone from the system but upon testing they found the circuit itself was inoperative and suspect the issue is with the internal switch located underneath the interior of the car which would need to be removed to replace.

Also, the team discovered some paint blistering under the brake fluid reservoir but after inspecting the tank actually found the system to be overfilled and the escaped excess had dripped down and disturbed the paint.

Moving onto the engine of the E-Type, the team found a leak from the back of the Cam Cover on the straight-six. Upon inspection, Dave found an O-Ring from the rev counter mechanism had begun to leak so the team removed it from the back of the camshafts and replaced the seals before fitting it back up to the engine.