1968 Austin Morris Minor

Nostalgia – Photos of the 1968 Austin Morris Minor Van’s Restoration by its Previous Owner

The simple van is both humble and proud. It’s a reliable workhorse which has transported generations of trade and ferried countless numbers of people into their automotive journey. This 1968 Austin Morris Minor Van is much the same.

Beloved by its previous owner, its intention in life was to go and join its owner in their new life in France but as is much the way, things changed. The car was due to have a left-hand drive conversion carried out ahead of its family relocating who wanted to take the classic Moggy with them. But, it never ended up happening.

Previous to this, however, the car was given a full restoration in what appears to be the late 1990s/early 2000s. Included in the history file which accompanies the classic Austin Morris Minor Van are these series of photographs taken when all the work was carried out. Showing it in its previous colour of pale blue, the owner had the car changed over to the Sage over Old English Cream that we see the car in today. The panels were stripped back and reworked to make the classic Moggy as close to perfection as possible.

The car was obviously adored by its owner. The classic van performed both its uses though, being used as a way for its owner to transport their artwork from place to place while simultaneously partnering with them on their journey through life, as is much the way with the classic we bring into our lives.

Whether it be sentimental or a long-held adoration, we bring these classic cars into our own stories and their stories cross over into another pathway, and another, and another throughout their lives. But, each holds a place in so many hearts and minds.