1967 mustang

Breathing New Life – Preparing the Rocker Covers on a 1967 Ford Mustang for Paint

With American V8s the first thing you notice in the engine bay is the Rocker Covers.

One of the most iconic of these is the historic ”Cobra by Ford” covers that graced the tops of some of the most legendary race and sportscar engines the American continent has ever produced.

Our 1967 Ford Mustang has got these very covers fitted on top of its small-block V8. These covers will be refinished in-house by our paint and body teams to make sure that when they go back on, they look just like, if not better, than the day they were fitted.

Rarer than a galloping rocking horse s***…

Being around classic cars all day, everyday they all have a story to tell and we love to hear about them.

The history, the life that the car has had and the owners that have sat in the seats all make up a great story.

We see and work on a lot of rare cars. When we heard of the rarity of latest addition we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. This may look like any regular 1967 Ford Mustang but look closely…something seems to be in the wrong place! Some would argue that it’s a much better place but the purests might not agree.

Today we collected our 1967 Ford Mustang 350 Shelby…right hand drive!

Believed to have been converted to right hand drive in the Philippines some years, once we delve deeper into the car’s history we will be able to build a bigger picture of the car’s exciting life up to now!

For now…we have collected the car and is safe with us in the workshops awaiting further updates.