1966 Mercedes 250SE

Sealed Up Tight – Fixing the Water Leak on the 1966 Mercedes 250SE Coupe

Our Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians were busy testing the 1966 Mercedes 250SE W111 Coupe before its delivery to its new owner when they noted a slight water leak coming from the car.

Once the thermostat was inspected, it was found that this was the cause of the leak. Paul, one of our technicians, removed the component carefully from the car and prepared it for a replacement gasket and reinstalled back into the car. After this has been put back into the car, it will be tested and checked over again.

Headed in the Right Direction – Installing the Rebuilt Steering Box on the 1966 Mercedes 250SE

The steering box for the stunning 1966 Mercedes 250SE W111 Coupe is back at Bridge Classic Cars after being refurbished by a local specialist. Now, it’s time to get it back into the car ahead of tonight’s live draw!

Paul, one of our in-house restoration technicians, was given the task of getting the classic Mercedes pointed in the right direction. Carefully pull rechecked the condition of all the splines and arms to make sure once the new steering box went in, it would work perfectly and only add to the experience of driving this incredible classic German coupe.

With the box fitted up into the car and everything tightened, rechecked and tested it was Paul’s job to road test the car and make sure everything was working just as it should. Success! this historic piece of automotive style, luxury and engineering was all set to find it’s new owner later this evening.

Preparing For It’s Big Day – Removing the Steering Box on the 1966 Mercedes 250SE Coupe

The 1966 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop today ahead of its competition draw to have its steering box removed.

On assessment by our in-house restoration teams, it was determined that the steering box would need to be removed and sent away to a specialist that we have used for many of our steering box rebuilds in the past. So, with that, Paul began to remove the box from the W111 Coupe.

After carefully pulling the unit from the car and inspecting all other components and systems connected to the steering box, all was deemed to be ok underneath the large german 2 door grand tourer.

There is still time to win this amazing car! Head over to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions to enter now!