1965 Amphicar Restoration update

Tom has picked back up work on our 1965 Amphicar, a vehicle that can travel both on land and water.

Tom has been busy fabricating new floorboards, using the original, rotten flooring as a template. He’s also refitted all the rubber seals and started assembling the rear seats.

One for the future – 1960 Jaguar Mk II (2)

The wonderful Jaguar Mk2 was the epitome of luxury transportation when it first took to the streets in the very late 1950’s. We’ve been approached by a potential client who is looking to give this vehicle a complete restoration.

The Mark 2 Jaguar was used by the British police force, with the 3.8l engine outputting an impressive 220 bhp. Ironically, the Jaguar Mark 2’s were also known for being very popular getaway vehicles of the 60s.

The Jaguar Mark 2, driven by John Thaw’s fictional TV character, Inspector Morse recently sold at auction for over £100,000, this vehicle was the 2.4l version and had been subject to a total restoration.