1959 Jaguar MK I

The story of the missing winner!

Today we delivered this maroon 1959 Jaguar Mk I to its rightful winner! The draw for this car was held last Sunday at the annual Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars. This has a bit of story that goes with it! The winner was actually at the event but we couldn’t track him down! In the end, we put a post out on Facebook quoting the winner’s name asking for help from the public to contact him, and it got over 30,000 views! Hours later, we got hold of him and he’s now received his prize.

Come and say hi this Sunday at Helmingham!

This Sunday, 1st of August, will be the annual Festival of Classic and Sports Cars at Helmingham Hall in Suffolk! Having had a year off due to the pandemic, it will be fantastic to see the vast array of cars again that so many enthusiasts and owners bring.

We’ll be there of course, along with all of our current competition cars, including our maroon 1959 Jaguar MK I. This will be won on the day and the draw for it will be live from the show at 4:00 pm.

So if you’re a Jaguar fan or simply want to add to your collection of cars, come and grab a ticket on our website this very minute, for your chance to win! If we haven’t sold out online, tickets will also be available on the day, on our stand, up until 3:00 pm. So why not come and say hi to us!

Here’s a link to the competition page on our website, which gives you all the information you should need about the car and how to purchase tickets. https://www.bridgeclassiccarscompetitions.co.uk/product/mk1-jag/

Here’s a link to the Helmingham Hall website page about the day, and how to buy tickets to the show. https://www.helmingham.com/events/the-festival-of-classic-sports-cars/