1958 jaguar xk150

Jaguar XK150 Trim Commences

This iconic motor recently came in with us and is here for a partial re-trim. The carpets that are being fitted have been bought from elsewhere but are being fitted by our specialist trim shop team. Brian is currently taking a lead with the work and fitting the carpets into the vehicle.

Brian has been glueing the sound deadening into the gearbox tunnel section and glueing vinyl to sides of the dash. He’s also been glueing the moquette material to the rear wheel arch section and front of the rear seat section. The foam has been glued to the rear ‘diff’ tunnel and fitted rear seat bases as well.

He’s then cutting the rear seat back boards into shape, glued the foam to the boards and then stapled covers to the boards. The rear seat pads have been fitted in place as well. Once Brian had glued the sound deadening to the tunnel, he could then glue the carpet section on top.

Iconic Jaguar In For Restoration

This iconic 1958 Jaguar XK150 is known as the grandfather of classic cars, the epitome of class and the ever chased after classics. With only 6,713 ever produced, it lay claim to the greatest post-war sports car ever made. Known for its superb performance, its true testament to great British engineering.

Its currently with us for a partial trim restoration.