1957 triumph tr3

TR3 Appraisal

A 1957 Triumph TR3 recently arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. It wasn’t with us for long but, during its short stay, the workshop

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From Competition To Weddings

When Karl Reiley won our 1957 Triumph TR3 through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, he stayed in touch and has become a good friend of ours.

Karl recently got in touch to tell us a lovely story about his TR3 and how it has recently been put to very good use. Karl said:

“You prepared my TR3 and XJS for me over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d update you.  My TR3 was pressed into service as a wedding car again last weekend. 

When I first won the TR3 it was immediately pressed into service for my sister’s wedding, and now again serving duty for my Son’s wedding.  The new Mr & Mrs Reilly, aka Nathan and Jennifer, used the Triumph as transport and as the focus for their photos for the immediate family, but the bride insisted the roof be up to protect her hair do.  At the reception, it received loads of attention, with a lot of guests wanting their photo with the car (and just a few with the Jag XJS too)”

Thank you Karl for the great photos and update!

TR3 Appraisal

A 1957 Triumph TR3 recently arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

It wasn’t with us for long but, during its short stay, the workshop team put the beautiful classic through a thorough appraisal to investigate an oil leak that its owner had noticed.

Classic car technician James conducted the appraisal and said that the overall condition of the car was generally good. It has recently had 4 new tyres and the discs are 12.7mm thick and brake pads 7.5mm. Underneath there were some areas where moisture was getting under the underseal, ideally, this needs cleaning back and retreating. Two areas had some more serious corrosion, the rear valance at the nearside, and a small area to the back of the offside wheel arch/boot floor is corroded and coming away. The oil leak from the engine appears to be high up, probably from the push rod tubes, but the front of the oil sump also looks to be weeping.

On further inspection, there is a leak of transmission fluid from the gearbox area centrally. Underneath the exhaust is fouling the gearbox mount bolt slightly, and on inspecting the rear drums, the shoes appear to be contaminated. On the top side of the car, it would appear the fuel tank cap seal has deteriorated, the central boot lock will not secure, and the ignition switch is a little temperamental. Finally, on checking the car over after being dropped off, the nearside front wheel centre nut was loose. This has been tightened but needs to be kept an eye on so that it does not loosen again.

The TR3 has gone home with its owner for now but we are looking forward to hopefully seeing it back in the workshop soon.

Something Old, Something New

Our TR3 takes its first drive with its new owner Karl for a special event.

We always love to see our competition winners enjoying their new cars but the update from our TR3 winner Karl Reilly was even more special.

Last Thursday Karl drove his sister Claire to her wedding at Brasted’s lodge in Framlingham Pigot. Our TR3 makes for the perfect ‘Something Old’ and ‘Something New’!

“It was such a shame it rained all day, Karl tells us. “But it was still great fun to drive with the roof up.”

“My sister loved it, it really made her day! The owners of Brasted’s Lodge loved it too, it received a lot of attention!”

As it turns out, Karl had won the car a day after his 50th birthday. After a challenging year, our TR3 was the perfect birthday present for Karl and the perfect ride to Claire’s wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Claire and Andy!

Competition Winner Receives His TR3

“We all buy a ticket in the hope we win, but we never expect to win.”

Our most recent winner, Karl Reilly from Essex, was delighted to receive our 1957 Triumph TR3 today with his lucky ticket number 4174.

He’s putting his new TR3 to good use this week, driving a close relative to their wedding on Thursday.

Karl is a Triumph fanatic, already owning a Triumph GT6, meaning the new TR3 will feel at home in the hands of a Triumph Club member.

If you’d also like the chance to be a lucky Triumph winner, we’ve got the TR3’s little sister, the TR4, up for grabs now!

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